eLearning localization success story

Success Story - eLearning Localization

Building a scalable eLearning localization program to drive global growth.
When a company known for its enterprise-level, agile software solutions needed to upskill its employees, partners and clients, the American-based company turned to Acclaro to build and scale its eLearning localization program in multiple languages.


With more than 6,000 employees, offices in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific and over 250 global partners, our client’s global growth depends on stakeholders becoming proficient with its software in a very short time. Without a localized online training component, these key stakeholders won’t fully use all the capabilities available to them as they provide technical solutions to business challenges. It became critical to develop eLearning content accessible in FrenchGerman and Japanese.


Our client needed a reliable localization partner to deliver high-quality translations and localized user interface features. To continue expanding into different global markets, they had to address several challenges, including:

  • Configuring the existing training platform to publish localized content
  • Establishing guidelines and expanding collaboration with English-language content creators
  • Defining the project’s scope and managing expectations

The company also wanted to develop a smoother process for content publication, create quality training protocols for content creators and negotiate with stakeholders on reasonable timelines for deliverables.


Acclaro worked quickly to address the client’s needs by:

  • Collaborating with the client to establish an automated process that allowed content exchange between the client’s platform and Acclaro
  • Providing additional staffing to support new content updates to the client’s platform
  • Streamlining the translation review process via our translation management platform, My Acclaro

Highlights and results


We met our client’s need for a quick turnaround and helped them successfully deploy a new eLearning program in key languages, which has provided a number of benefits:

  • Increased speed to market and reduction in errors through automated content exchange between Acclaro and the client
  • Successfully delivering high-quality translations
  • Positive feedback from employees, clients and partners
  • High degree of technical enablement and completed trainings, due to localized eLearning programs

With this tremendous accomplishment in the books, our client plans to roll out a comprehensive communications plan to inform stakeholders about the benefits of the new online training environment and continue to expand their global reach.

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