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Grow globally with localization & translation services for tech & SaaS companies

From apps to enterprise software, we’ve got you covered.

Software localization is not just a service we provide; it’s in our DNA. From SaaS data storage to fintech and enterprise software and mobile apps to HRtech, we bring a wealth of linguistic, technical, and agile process skills to ensure your global product releases are smooth and successful.

Localizing with Acclaro has many benefits:

  • Nimble teams that fit right in with your existing development process
  • Software engineers and testing experts with keen eyes for issues
  • Final translated product free of broken code and bugs

SaaS localization at the speed of technology

Time to market is critical for any global technology business. With Acclaro, you can be confident that you’ll never miss a product release or update. Our fast, efficient localization is integrated into your development cycle, ensuring you have a translation partner as agile as you are.

Optimizing the local user experience across software, hardware, and apps

Our work with OpenAI, Robinhood, LinkedIn, and other technology leaders showcases our in-depth expertise in handling even the most ambitious software localization programs. Our teams use best practices and industry-leading technology to localize your product with accuracy and rapid turn-around times.

AI-driven localization with a human touch

Artificial intelligence is making it easier than ever to expand into new markets. Yet, deploying it effectively requires an in-depth understanding of its capabilities and how best to integrate them into localization workflows.

At Acclaro, we use AI and automation to speed up and simplify localization by preparing content for translation, making workflows more efficient, automating repetitive tasks, and automating translation when appropriate. However, we also understand the importance of the human touch in localization, and our team of experts ensures that the final product is of the highest quality.

Take your tech global with AI-driven continuous localization that moves at your speed.

Our technology and software clients include IBM, Oracle, SAP, Sony, Dropbox and LinkedIn

We offer our SaaS and technology clients:

  • Complete, continuous software localization solutions, from engineering through QA testing in 125+ languages
  • Product documentation translation, including desktop publishing and screenshots
  • Translation services for customer support content and cases
  • Live agent support via chat or over-the-phone (OTP) interpretation
  • Agile translation processes that synch with product development
  • API connections to automate frequent handoffs
  • String ID-based matching to handle versioning and maintenance

Specialized solutions for specialized tech companies

Localization for HRTech

In sensitive fields like human resources, every detail of your software, from the words on the screen to the graphics to the user interface, needs to be both error-free and aligned with local cultural expectations.

Our team is here to help you adapt your software to different languages and cultural no. We understand the importance of cultural sensitivity and compliance with local regulations in software localization. Our experts ensure that your software is translated accurately, aligned with local expectations and regulations, and smoothly integrates with local systems.

Improve user adoption and employee experience with localization solutions that streamline the process of translating and adapting content for an international audience. From translation to linguistic quality assurance, multilingual user support, and beyond, we’ve got you covered.

Localization for FinTech

For FinTech companies (link to financial services page), every detail matters. Even something as small as a punctuation mark out of place can tremendously impact your customers and your global business.

Expand into new markets confidently with financial services translations from Acclaro. Our tech-driven solutions are designed to keep updates on track with efficient continuous localization for updates and rigorous linguistic and functional testing to make sure your product is user-friendly, intuitive, and ready for the target market.

Leading financial services companies already rely on us to accelerate global growth. Let us handle your multilingual launches and updates so you can focus on what’s really important: making financial services more accessible to a worldwide audience.

Localization for TravelTech

You aim to bring the world to your customers. Acclaro can help bring your tech to the world.

Increase market reach, enhance customer satisfaction, boost bookings, and facilitate payments with our streamlined, AI-enhanced localization processes and support from our team of linguistic and technical experts.

Flawless global product releases, every time

Getting the words right is the first thing, but whether you’re launching in a new market or pushing updates globally, testing to ensure everything works right is key. Acclaro offers comprehensive testing services for software and technology companies, including:

  • Linguistic testing to verify language accuracy
  • Localization testing for cultural and regional appropriateness
  • Internationalization testing to streamline future adaptations
  • Functional testing to guarantee product performance
  • UI, globalization, automation, and regression testing for intuitive user experiences and optimal functionality.

Trust Acclaro to deliver high-quality, globally ready products.

See how we achieve success for SaaS and technology companies, and find out what Acclaro can do for you.

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