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Italian is the official language of Italy, of course, but you may not know it’s also one of the official languages of Switzerland and the second official language in Vatican City. Approximately 63 million people in the world speak Italian as their first language, and an additional 3 million speak it as their second language.

Businesses that are able to connect and engage with Italian-speaking audiences have a competitive edge on a global level. With Acclaro’s professional Italian translation and localization services, your brand can too.

Professional Italian translation services

To take advantage of this amazing growth opportunity, your company needs to make first impressions count. Italian translation services are a must if you expect to connect with and engage your audience.

Keep in mind that Italian dialects can differ among regions, with many containing different vocabulary, accents, and even different grammar rules. Tuscan, Neapolitan and Sicilian, for instance, each have unique nuances to uphold in order to communicate effectively.

Successful Italian translation starts with expert, native-speaking locals who understand these regional differences. Partner with Acclaro, and our team can help you steer clear of the common speed bumps that come with launching a new service, product or brand in Italian markets.

Marketing content translation

Advertising. Digital marketing. Packaging. These are all powerful parts of your branding that require not only deft, expert translation, but also a team of experts familiar with what makes your company unique.

The Acclaro team can make sure your personality and voice maintain their essence, while being customized to connect with your Italian-speaking target audience. We can determine the effectiveness of your brand name, logo, tagline and much more, and provide localized copywriting services that send the right message.

Software & app localization

The most successful software and application localization projects have two things in common:

  1. A professional translation team with the know-how of your audience
  2. A process that fits seamlessly into your company’s development process

You can’t force a process into a workflow. Whatever your company’s best practices are, Acclaro’s team can work within them.

Biweekly agile sprints? No problem.

Semi-annual releases? Got it.

Working in .po or .xml? We do that too.

Android or iOS? Either one works for us.

Our translation tools are second-to-none in the industry, from translation memory software to testing and QA. We can save you time while making the best use of your budget.

Website translation and localization

Launching your brand in Italian-speaking markets requires an effective, customer-friendly, fully engaging website. If the images and content do not connect, your target audience may never return.

Let’s get it right the first time. Acclaro combines powerful translation integrations and technologies with a human touch that truly connects with Italian-speaking customers (and B2B businesses).

We can make your website translation process as seamless and efficient as possible with the use of powerful CMS connectors, continuous translation API and the My Acclaro Translation Management Platform.

This is a powerful, proven website localization strategy that gives your business the professional guidance it needs to succeed.  

Document translation

To someone in your organization, every document is mission critical. 

With our help, any type of business document—from contracts to datasheets and product documentation—can be adapted into Italian successfully.. All you have to do is upload the native file to our translation management platform (most any file type) and we can translate, reformat and design a seamless transition from your native language into Italian.  

Multimedia translation

Video production ain’t cheap. (Please excuse the informal speak; it’s utilized for dramatic effect.)

Think of the money your company has invested into videos, whether they’re produced for marketing purposes, web-based training or eLearning applications. Rewriting, reshooting and re-editing these assets is most likely overwhelming and beyond your budget.

Good news: Acclaro has extensive experience localizing multimedia assets that connect with Italian-speaking audiences. We have native speakers who know the culture as well as the language, and we offer holistic services—from content localization to music to new voiceover recordings. 

We can work in virtually any format: Final Cut Pro, Adobe Creative Suite, Camtasia, Avid Media Composer and much more.

Interpretation services

You’ve seen Star Trek, right? Did you notice that  characters from different cultures wear headsets and receive interpretations in real-time? Yep, we can do that. We can even supply the hardware. 

We can also bring clarity to meetings with your Italian speaking audiences, whether it’s a small group or one-on-one. With the power of onsite interpretation, your audience knows you mean business. 

And if you simply need a 1-800 number to call for Italian interpretation services, we have one, complete with competitive per-minute pricing, monthly billing and on-demand Italian experts.

Connecting with Italian-speaking customers offers amazing potential for your company’s growth. To reach it successfully, you need native experts who have helped Fortune 500 companies connect with Italian speakers. See how the Acclaro team can empower your brand growth. 

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