Enterprise translation success story

Success Story - Enterprise Translation

From unicorn to fortune 500.
Scaling to over 250 linguists, Acclaro’s global offices deliver a 24/7/365 “follow the sun” solution for our client. Now roughly 70% of their new subscribers come from overseas markets.


A leading streaming media company came to Acclaro as they were planning their first major launch into global markets. From just three languages in year one to well over a dozen within four years, the client has scaled their service to over 50 countries. They call on Acclaro for hyper-flexible, scalable services in a rapidly expanding international campaign. We developed a team and infrastructure that provides 24/7 translation support with one-day turnaround on a high volume of projects. Now that’s a solution fit for Unicorns.


From the website user interface and marketing materials to creative calls-to-action, we prepared all facets of the platform for a global audience. The first challenge was to create consistent core brand terminology for an increasing number of language markets. Other considerations included:

  • Limited internal technology and resources to support localization
  • 24/7 translation needs on high volume of projects with fast deadlines
  • Pivoting in response to executive level global decisions
  • Coordinating multiple stakeholders including managers, translators, and global marketing agency


Beginning with two French translators and one project manager, we soon scaled to over 250 linguists across language combinations covering 5 continents. This team worked with our client’s editorial staff to shape a scalable localization strategy:

  • Leveraging global offices to offer 24/7/365 “follow the sun” solution
  • Building up client’s internal resources including technology upgrades and staffing support
  • Custom protocol to meet character limits of multilingual programming descriptions
  • Creative movie synopsis translations to draw attention and convert customers

Highlights & results

With Acclaro by its side, our client is expanding at a rapid pace. The company’s high caliber localization program brings tangible results:

  • Turnkey translation services for all marketing, product, and corporate communications
  • Anytime solution with 24 hour turnaround on hundreds of projects per month
  • Dozens of language markets generating millions of international users. Now roughly 70% of all new subscribers come from overseas markets.

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