Sprint localization success story

Success Story - Sprint Localization

Achieving 3-Day Sprints in 14 Languages.
The client’s two-week sprint cycle has only a three-day window for translation, meaning that timing is everything. Acclaro configured automated workflows so content moves through each step in the process without delay, ensuring the client’s tight schedule is reliably met every time.


A leading commerce platform that helps companies distribute web-based services engaged Acclaro to localize their app, marketing materials, and website into 14 new languages. They quickly realized that the real challenge was managing the process for translating ongoing bi-weekly software updates. The development team’s two-week sprint cycle only has a three-day window for translation, and that means timing is everything. Our laser-sharp process enables them to release all language updates on the same day for happy tech customers.


With hundreds of moving parts, our team needed to fit into the client’s development sprint at the right moment to route content through the multi-step translation cycle. Some of the hurdles included:

  • Frequent unscheduled quick-turnaround platform updates
  • Three day timeline for full-cycle localization of all 14 languages; delays in any language could hold up the entire release
  • Multiple file types and resource formats needed to be synthesized into a single translation handoff
  • Variable content volumes require scalable teams to stay within a fixed schedule


Our 360-degree approach started with building a dedicated team for the updates and integrating with the client’s technology requirements. We then customized a workflow around the development cycle and deadlines to provide the following:

  • Dedicated translation team is ready to receive files during the hand-off window; additional resources are on-call if volume requires
  • Custom integration automates the file hand-offs with push/pull between the client’s development environment and our translation platform
  • Automated translation workflows ensure content moves through each step in the process without delay, so the tight schedule can be reliably met
  • Quality assurance through rigorous proofing and testing

Highlights & results

We fit into the client’s existing process with pinpoint accuracy, creating the following results:

  • All languages released simultaneously make users in all markets feel like first-class customers
  • Streamlined process without manual layers to slow things down
  • Hand-picked localization team dedicated to ensure consistent brand voice and message

Do you need sprint localization that fits seamlessly within your development process? Acclaro has just the solution for you.

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