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Video translations that connect you with audiences around the world

Get the show on the road — with video translation services. You’ve invested a lot of time and money creating your corporate videos. Whether it’s a marketing video for your website, viral YouTube video, or an eLearning program, all of your carefully crafted content shouldn’t go to waste because adapting them for international audiences can be challenging. Partnering with Acclaro will make your video and multimedia assets global-ready and locally relevant for your target markets.

Video localization services

All the video translation services you need

High-quality video translation services will enable you to influence, entertain and educate international audiences and build your brand overseas. Here are some of the solutions Acclaro offers.

  • International readiness assessments and consulting

    Assessing your multimedia files to ensure localization readiness.

  • Content translation

    Adapting all core text elements to your target languages.

  • Script translation

    Translating your voiceover script within timecodes.

  • Video transcription

    Converting the characters’ audio speech into written text.

  • Multilingual voiceover recording and synching

    Casting professional native-speaking voice talent for multilingual recordings and audio-engineering.

  • Video subtitling and captioning

    Inserting text on screen and in sync with the characters’ audio speech.

  • Graphics and animation editing

    Re-flowing text and editing graphics/animations to accommodate multimedia localization.

  • Engineering and production

    Preparing multimedia source files for multilingual builds, integrating assets and producing final output formats.

  • Multilingual QA

    Ensuring quality assurance of the final product.

How our professional video translation solutions work

Our translation and media production experts have experience with all relevant technologies, including Final Cut Pro, Pro Tools and After Effects to recreate and adapt your audio, video and multimedia assets for global markets. Some of the types of video content we translate include:

  • Corporate marketing videos
  • Training and instructional videos
  • Interactive websites with video animation, audio and video
  • Interactive voice response systems

From the drawing-board phase to your international premiere, we have the expertise to guide you through a smooth-running video translation project. Our turnkey solutions will help you recreate your videos for strategic international markets.

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