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Scale strategically with enterprise translation and localization solutions

World-class localization, technology and 24/7 “follow the sun” solutions tailored to scale with your business.

Scale strategically

Go beyond tactical translation with Acclaro’s strategic approach to elevate localization excellence while driving growth globally.

Expert partnerships

Gain expert collaboration at every step, from TMS selection and transparent processes to tailored workflows that reduce complexity — all with personalized service.

Technology that fits

Stay up-to-date with the latest technology as we integrate tech and tools strategically to fit your workflows and scale with your business.

Metrics and insights

Let our data-driven approach to creating solutions and optimizing results validate ROI and generate continuous improvement.

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Enterprise localization services FAQs

Find out more about successful strategies, the companies using them, and why localization is a key component of global expansion.

What is an example of a successful localization strategy?

An example of a localization strategy is Airbnb’s hyperlocal approach. Airbnb teams up with local photographers and content creators to create a localized, personalized user experience for customers in 200+ countries. 

What types of companies use a localization strategy?

Any company that operates in more than one country will need to have some kind of localization strategy. Some of the companies best known for their successful localization strategies include Netflix, Airbnb, Spotify, and Uber.

What are the pillars of localization?

There are three main pillars that are integral to localization: People, Context, and Technology.

What are the pros and cons of a global marketing strategy?
  • People: The success of a localization strategy comes down to the experience, expertise, and dedication of the people implementing it.
  • Context: Localization needs to be framed and positioned within the broader context of the organization and its overall business goals, rather than siloed off.
  • Technology: Leveraging technology like AI, machine translation and translation management software and systems has become an integral aspect of localization.
What is LSP in localization?

In localization, “LSP” stands for “language service provider,” a type of company that provides localization and translation services. LSPs are also known as translation agencies or partners, and are an important part of the localization process.

What is the goal of a localization strategy?

The goal of a localization strategy is to develop a measurable and repeatable localization process that supports ongoing business goals at scale.

Why is localization important?

Localization is important because it enables a brand to launch and maintain products in international markets by adapting to the local language, culture, and consumer preferences. This ultimately helps to increase revenue and a stronger brand foothold in new target markets.

Technology that powers Enterprise Localization Solutions

Enterprise Innovation

Technology that powers enterprise localization solutions

We integrate technology strategically to streamline workflows, to reduce complexity and to drive enterprise solutions that accelerate growth for leading companies worldwide — IBM, Dropbox, SAP, and many more. From TMS and MT to martech and digital engagement, we use technology to design localization solutions that accelerate growth for leading companies worldwide.

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