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Language quality

Ensure on-brand translations with linguistic quality assurance (LQA)

Get global communications that are true to your standards in any language.

Protect your brand

Whether you are launching multilingual marketing campaigns, localizing your product UI strings or training your global workforce, LQA is an important step in the translation process. Culturally and linguistically on-brand translations will let you go global with confidence. 

Rely on industry experts

Our team of in-country language leads has domain knowledge, linguistic expertise, and an eye for detail. They make sure that the essence of your source-language messaging is captured in your  target languages and makes sense for your specific industry.

Set your preferences

Define your quality acceptance criteria or let us make recommendations based on our experience. Our team of language quality experts will handle the rest. They’ll implement your preferences and standards into the review process and provide you with a report to give you visibility into the process and to ensure that objectives are being met.

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Linguistic Quality Assurance - Vetted Linguistic Globally

Go global with confidence

Get it right the first time with our team of vetted linguists, language quality professionals and test leads for translations that meet your requirements. We incorporate linguistic QA steps as part of the translation process. For additional, optional quality checks, our team can help you deliver polished results across your brand assets with:

  • UI linguistic testing

    Prepare your localized product with an in-context review of your UI through the lens of your audience’s location, region and culture.

  • Online QA for web content

    Prepare your multilingual website for a global-ready user experience by testing for and eliminating translation and functionality errors.

  • Document QA

    Ensure accuracy of translation and appearance with an expert examination of your document before publishing.

  • Multimedia QA

    Ensure the accuracy of your content linguistically, culturally, aesthetically and functionally with thorough localization testing and QA of your multimedia assets.

  • UX testing

    Look for product issues, errors and omissions that negatively affect the UX and determine the level of ease-of-use in the target locale and country.

  • Functional QA

    Catch software bugs and fix problems before you go live in every market.

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Engage a team that values quality

Tap into a team of language quality professionals to ensure the best possible results for your audiences and your business.

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