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How to expand successfully into China with Chinese translation services

The good news for your business is that China continues to be an international powerhouse, offering exciting growth opportunities for companies looking to grow globally. China now has the world’s second-largest economy, while boasting the number 1 world ranking in purchasing power ($23 billion). The possibilities for your company within the Chinese market are amazing to say the least.

The bad news for your business is that China offers one of—if not the—most difficult language to translate, presenting significant challenges to communicate to your Chinese customers in their native language.  This is why it is so imperative to work with an expert in Chinese markets–who employs in-country linguists.

Chinese translation complexities

Chinese has between seven and 14 linguistic subgroups (depending on the classification system used). It also has two written forms: Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese. Knowing the difference between the two is crucial for creating accurately targeted Chinese translations. (Hint: Simplified Chinese is obviously “simplified”–utilizing fewer strokes and characters than Traditional Chinese–but professional translation requires years of expertise. Otherwise, your business will look unprofessional and inexperienced. Not good.

It is imperative for your company to expand into China with high quality translations. As the saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Professional Chinese translation services

Acclaro’s professional Chinese translation services—from document translation services to website to subtitling videos—can help you impress your new Chinese customers, no matter what part of China you want to target. We understand the nuances of Chinese and offer proven, successful Chinese translation services.

We work with experienced, in-country translators who not only know how to handle the differences between Simplified and Traditional Chinese, but also regional language variations and usages that can impact your Chinese translations.

Marketing translation

Your company has a professional reputation to uphold, and its first impression upon new prospects can’t be overlooked. You know your brand, and Acclaro knows the local translation pitfalls and success points. Together, we can make a connection with consumers that lasts.

Marketing in China requires proficiency in the written word of course, (both Simplified and Traditional Chinese), as well as aesthetics. Acclaro can help you with all of your marketing translation needs, including collateral, email content and search engine marketing campaigns.

With expert guidance from Acclaro, you’ll have an experienced, proven partner for success.

Document translation

Your company deserves the best chance for success in China, and Acclaro has worked with many companies including global, Fortune 500 brands to translate their documents for the Chinese market. Our translations work because we understand cultural context and have decades of experience.

English to Traditional Chinese, for example, is not a word-for-word translation. Traditional Chinese has no letter case, tense or plural forms. High-quality Chinese translations require a professional well-versed in both Traditional and Simplified Chinese. You simply can’t afford to leave your technical manuals, contracts or onboarding documents in the hands of  an inexperienced translation service.

Website translation

A website is often the first contact point between your company and its potential customers. Selling products and services in China with accurate, culturally relevant Chinese translations is vitally important to your success.

These potential customers are not only located in China, either. There are many native Chinese living right here in the United States. They search for products and solutions on the web in Chinese, and they read manuals, training materials and other documents in their native language. Our Chinese translations can help you connect with native Chinese, so the first impression your Chinese audience has of your company—your website—is a great one.

Software & app localization

China is booming. It offers a great opportunity for growing businesses, but also requires trepidation for navigating such a fast-developing market. Proper guidance from a proven translation partner with a custom team that can lead you is imperative to navigate the Chinese landscape, especially when launching software and applications.

Culturally appropriate translations will help you connect with your market, and will help update your software and apps seamlessly when launching new versions. These software and app updates are often timely executions and require a translation partner that can help you with professionalism, efficiency and expediency. Acclaro has the right tools and the right team to help you succeed.

Multimedia translation

Video and eLearning translation are often a forgotten requirement until it’s time to go to market. However, your company has invested thousands of dollars (possibly hundreds of thousands) into these assets and they require the same amount of attention-to-detail as your other communications.  

With the right multimedia translation team, your assets can continue to tell powerful stories, even to a brand-new audience across the globe. Acclaro offers skilled linguists, graphics and audio experts, voice talent, and e-learning professionals that are well-versed in the Chinese linguistic subgroups, as well as both written Chinese options.

Interpretation services

Speaking in a prospect or customer’s native tongue can make an immediate connection. Acclaro’s expert on-site and over-the-phone Chinese interpreters help ensure that every event, meeting and touchpoint is conducted with clarity and accuracy.

We offer a multitude of Chinese interpretation services to meet your needs. Patch a skilled professional Chinese interpreter into your phone meetings. Adapt live speech into translated Chinese (a la the UN). Bring an Acclaro interpreter into a corporate conference. Whatever interpretation service you need, Acclaro can deliver with professionalism and proven success.

Expanding your business into China is difficult enough. Leave your translation needs to the experts. The Acclaro team can help knock down any language barriers, present your company with the utmost professionalism and connect with your audience in a meaningful way.

Acclaro has the proven experience your company needs for Chinese translations services that work. For more information on how our team can help you expand or launch in China, contact us today.

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