SaaS data storage translation success story

Success Story - SaaS Data Storage Translation

Scaling localization for a fast-growth unicorn.
Scalability matters! Acclaro’s scalable approach to localization supported our client’s launch into nearly 20 languages and is ready to support expansion plans into over 200 countries worldwide.


A leading SaaS data storage company came to Acclaro as their translation efforts were straining under the pressure of fast growth. They needed short and long-term solutions. The immediate goal was to launch seven new languages and the long view was to instill processes that would support their accelerating growth in content, languages and speed to market. Their team had relied on internal resources and freelancers in the past, but the process was not scalable or easy to manage. We partnered with them to create a best practices environment and enable their team to use it going forward.


The client’s development cycle, many individual contractors, and existing translation management system raised many logistical issues for their team:

  • Sentence strings were delivered with no context or coding
  • Volume and timing of file drops was inconsistent
  • Working many individual contractors on frequent small projects consumed a large amount of time for their limited internal staff – from the international product managers to accounting
  • Tight deadlines were hard to meet and created perpetual fire drills
  • There was no system for language consistency between freelancers and in-house editors


Acclaro’s localization experts leveraged our experience to set up a proven localization system that our client’s team could manage on its own. This custom crafted solution includes:

  • Twice daily file drop with designated translators ready to deliver quick turnaround
  • Added context to sentence strings with custom coding process in client’s CMS
  • Quality assurance through ongoing testing across iOS and Android
  • Tandem solution including freelance resources and professional translation support for specialty languages

Highlights & results

The company is seeing strong results in the global marketplace:

  • 70% of users are now outside the U.S.
  • Scalable localization supported the launch into nearly 20 languages and is ready to support expansion plans into over 200 countries worldwide
  • Consistent quality and brand personality through flexible, catered localization system

Do you need SaaS or other technology localization that supports your global business growth? Acclaro has just the solution for you.

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