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German is the second-most widely spoken language in Europe and is commonly referred to as the “money language.”

And as Germany owns Europe’s largest economy—with substantial prowess in heavy machinery, vehicles, and equipment—more companies are choosing to expand their business lines by targeting German-speaking audiences.

As you venture into the German-speaking markets, the key to your success lies in professional German translation services. Acclaro, with its expertise and cultural sensitivity, can ensure that you not only connect with your audience but also make a lasting impact with your launches, products, and messaging.

Professional German translation services

German is the official language of Germany, of course, but it’s also the official language of Austria. Plus, it’s one of the official languages of Switzerland, Luxembourg and Belgium.

When it comes to Germany, understanding the local dialects is crucial for effective communication. Low German and High German are the two main differences, and even these dialects have multiple varieties depending on their regions. Acclaro’s translation service team is well-versed in these nuances, ensuring that your message resonates with your target audience, no matter where they are in Germany.

In short, translating your source language to standard German could lead to unsuccessful communications. Acclaro has substantial experience with German localization within many regions, and we can ensure your message resonates with your target audience—no matter the content.

Leveraging AI-enabled German translation services

Partnering with a translation agency that leverages AI and human expertise has never been more important. Acclaro’s AI-enabled approach ensures cost-effective, fast, and optimal-quality German translations while skilled linguists refine these outputs for accuracy and cultural nuance. We understand that time is of the essence, and our efficient process can help you meet your deadlines without compromising on quality.

Translation Quality Assurance

Quality assurance ensures linguistic accuracy and cultural relevance in German translation services. We facilitate post-translation reviews by native speakers and experts to avoid misunderstandings or cultural insensitivities. There’s no better way to build trust with German audiences than investing in true attention to detail.

Services offered

Marketing content translation

Your company has likely nurtured a consistent look and feel throughout all its marketing content, from packaging to product manuals to print and online advertising. Acclaro can maintain your brand’s professionalism and designs, and our experts can ensure that your translations connect with your audience.

Translating to German often causes heartburn among many post-translation designers, as German can extend character counts by up to 35 percent. If a designer isn’t prepared—and Acclaro designers are more than prepared—then the layout of your translated content can change substantially.

This unique combination of a professional translation and design philosophy is a powerful avenue to success.

Website translation

The importance of expert website translation cannot be overstated. It’s often the most important source of communication between your company and your audience, which is why our team is dedicated to professional localization that connects.

Acclaro offers the latest integration technologies for efficient, seamless multilingual website deployment. It offers access to a continuous translation API and translation memory technology and integrates to popular content management systems like WordPress, Drupal, AEM, and Craft CMS.

Document translation

Mission-critical documents are an Acclaro specialty. We provide the research, specialized experts, and a dedicated project manager to ensure that German document translation is delivered successfully, on time, and on budget.

We can work with almost any document, any format, and across industries. The Acclaro team has translated datasheets, annual reports, tech manuals, and important HR communications that require the utmost accuracy. We also have experience re-formatting documents and graphics and regularly solve common issues with complex layout elements like columns, tables, page breaks, bullets, headings, and text boxes, which can occur when translating into German.

Software & app localization

You can’t simply “wing it” with software launches and updates across multiple languages and locales. You need the know-how of software and app localization experts, with in-country linguists as vital team members, to ensure impeccable results. Whether it’s SaaS, apps, or another enterprise-level solution, Acclaro has the expertise to help you succeed.

When expanding your software and apps into German-speaking territories, industry-leading localization tools will help streamline processes to ensure efficiency. These tools are supported by an expert “human touch,” with a dedicated project manager who is an extension of your team and in-country experts to guide you.

Because we know time-sensitive deadlines are the norm, our software and app localization services can sync with your timeline and workflow, even with checks and balances, file types, and numerous coding intricacies.

Multimedia translation

One of the more complicated—and visible—projects you may consider translating when expanding into a new culture or audience involves multimedia. There are so many working parts within audio and video that the difference between success and failure can be intricate. For example, the wrong voiceover can sink a launch in seconds.

Your German-speaking audience is familiar with specific nuances, graphics, and terminologies. Acclaro can ensure your investment in multimedia translations maintains your brand’s personality and story while connecting with your new audience.

For your multimedia projects to succeed, project managers must be meticulous, graphics and animation experts must be diligent, voiceover artists must speak the native language, and in-country translators are a must. Acclaro has them all.

We’re here to help you make the right impression. And no communications platform can connect quite as fast and meaningfully as multimedia.


Trustworthy testing is the glue that holds any good translation together and ensures that your message achieves its intended impact. Acclaro’s quality control process, led by expert testers, focuses on the technical and cultural accuracy of German content in its final form.

The key to effective testing is ensuring that German translations are accurate and culturally tuned into the market. By scrutinizing translations against the original content and strategic goals, Acclaro enhances localized content to authentically represent your organization and effectively engage your target audience, maintaining brand integrity and fostering real connections.

Leading brands rely on Acclaro

Electronic Arts
Warner Brothers
1st Dibs

Expertise in your industry vertical

SaaS (Software as a Service):

When translating for the SaaS industry, our experts adapt software interfaces and technical content to the German market’s linguistic and cultural nuances. We’re experts at improving the user experience, enabling software companies to expand their customer base and revenue potential.


Our localization experts are adept at enabling financial firms to operate on a global scale. Given the differing financial regulations across markets, precise translations of legal documents, regulatory materials, and localized user interfaces (UIs) are essential to ensure compliance and establish brand trust.


Our AI-powered translation solutions aid e-commerce businesses in improving conversions and online revenue. Beyond tailoring the user interface for the German-speaking market, we help ecommerce companies localize product descriptions, promotional campaigns, and website content to boost SEO performance across global markets.

Travel & hospitality

Our in-country localization experts are well-acquainted with the nuances of localization for travel and hospitality companies. Organizations in this industry rely on our translation services to craft an optimal online experience, earn the trust of guests, and ultimately, drive global growth.

Media & entertainment

Companies in the media and entertainment sector trust Acclaro’s services to help them attract new viewers. We understand the nuances of the German language and culture and are ready to help you win over a whole new audience.


Non-profit organizations need translation services that convey the heart of their missions and initiatives, enabling them to connect with local German-speaking communities and beyond to gain the support they need to thrive.

Acclaro has the experience and track record in German translation services you need. Contact us today for more information on how our team can help you expand or launch in German-speaking regions.

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