Marketing translation success story

Success Story - Strategic Perspective Improves Work Quality

A custom localization program transforms marketing translation
How a strategic perspective helps improve work quality, reduce review cycles and speed up time to market.


When a mutual employee introduced us to our client, this leading content marketing platform was relying on two separate translation partners. Customers were growing unhappy with their translations, which undermined their confidence in our client’s mission: to make it easy for brands to tell authentic stories. We partnered with our client to apply a strategic localization perspective to their work. We knew we needed to build a custom process for the company and the brands they represent.

Juggling the discord of a global workforce, inefficient processes and wasted resources, both translation companies faced similar translation and localization challenges:

  • Decentralized offices and staff, each lacking knowledge of localization best practices and requiring multiple approvals from various stakeholders
  • Difficulty maintaining quality of high-volume translation requests in dozens of languages with tight, overlapping deadlines and sudden changes in scope
  • Lack of streamlined technology and processes to collaborate, manage files, monitor status and track budgets


Being a content marketing company, much of their clients’ content needs the special attention that marketing translation demands. Their reputation for authenticity hinged on their ability to provide truly localized, transcreated content. It’s no easy feat recruiting high-quality transcreation talent across dozens of languages—not to mention connecting the end client with those writers. There are a lot of steps and personalities in the process. And language, especially creative language, is always very nuanced and subjective. Think about how much effort goes into high-quality marketing content in English, and multiply that by 12!


We created a customized process that:

  • Built transparency into the resource recruitment process
  • Enabled the end client to vet writing sample submissions
  • Incorporated transcreation (essentially recreating the source content in the target language)
  • Allowed the end client to complete review cycles in market teams

Our linguists and graphic designers also completed quality checks to ensure that facts, linked content, quotes and imagery were relevant to the customers’ target market.

Highlights and results

Approaching the problem from a strategic perspective, instead of tactically executing the work as our client’s previous vendors had done, resulted in a marked increase in quality. Over the past few years alone, we’ve enabled our client to help over 10 global brands localize thousands of articles across more than 15 markets. Together, we are creating authentic, engaging storytelling that delights our client and their customers’ end-users, while reducing the number of review cycles and time to market.

But don’t take our word for it—see what our client has to say about our partnership.

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