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Improving user experience (UX) and implementing behavioral analysis are important steps to growing ecommerce. Customers need to find what they need as fast and easily as possible, or they will bounce to your competitors.

When it comes to international visitors to your website, cart abandonment numbers, flat sales and subpar conversion rates can often be tied to miscommunication or incorrect translation. Website redesigns and sales funnel studies can’t help if you’re not speaking to your customers in their language.

If your products and services extend overseas, your ecommerce sales can grow exponentially with professional ecommerce localization services. Acclaro can help you connect with new online store visitors and improve conversion rates with expert translation services.

Proven expertise. Customized localization strategies.

Whether you’re targeting a few international markets or a dozen, it’s best to have a custom ecommerce localization strategy that’s tied to your business goals. Acclaro can supply an expert team to guide you every step of the way. We’ve helped translate and launch ecommerce websites for Fortune 500 companies across industries around the world—and we can use that experience to help your business as well.

Your Acclaro translation team will consist of a project manager, in-country translators, and as many specialists as you need to launch and maintain your localized ecommerce website. Expect decades of localization expertise to help you navigate international laws, local customs and nuances. Plus, you’ll have a knowledgeable partner who recommends best-in-class tools and technologies to maximize efficiencies and control costs.

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The art and science of ecommerce website translation services

eCommerce content can range from rational SKUs to emotional branding, and the Acclaro team are experts with both. We can help turn database-driven content, and brand-specific imagery and messaging into culturally relevant, persuasive communications that convert. We can also partner with your team to improve search engine rankings, discover opportunities and adjust strategies as keyword rankings shift.

Conversion opportunities can include:

  • Product descriptions
  • Blog posts
  • Customer support chats
  • User-generated content (such as reviews)
  • FAQs about products or shipping
  • And more!

eCommerce localization best practices

Accuracy is underrated. Acclaro’s quality assurance is second-to-none in the industry—our in-country experts ensure that your content is ready for launch.

Efficiency and consistency are also paramount to success. Our team will work with you to create seamless localization workflows and help find the localization-ready ecommerce platform that best fits your business needs. (We’re technology independent, but you’ll need to be able to integrate with your ERP, Point of Sale and Product Information Management capabilities.)

Is machine translation (MT) right for you? Maybe. Maybe not. Acclaro can guide you through the pros and cons of human translation versus machine translation with post-editing (MTPE). For example, brand-specific product descriptions should be left to the human experts, while technical specifications are perfectly acceptable for MT.

Translation memory (TM) can also be utilized for cost savings, as common phrases and exact matches found in your content can be saved and used for future translations.

Complete support for your ecommerce translations

The My Acclaro translation management platform gives you complete control, from translation requests to approvals. No more surprises. And for ongoing eCommerce content translation requirements, Acclaro’s translation API (Application Programming Interface) and CMS integrations can automate your large volume translation workflows to save time, maintain consistency and reduce costs.

Your ecommerce website is too important not to have a trusted translation partner by your side. See how Acclaro can help you create a powerful ecommerce translation strategy and launch your online brand successfully to new audiences.

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