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Professional Korean translation services

If you think Korean is spoken only in the Republic of Korea (South Korea) or the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea), you may be surprised.

More than 80 million people speak Korean. And yes, the majority do reside in South and North Korea, however, more than 2 million people speak Korean in China, over 500,000 speak Korean in Russia and Japan, and, even more surprisingly, more than 600,000 Americans speak it (with the majority in New York and the west coast).

All these statistics represent a substantial opportunity to grow your business by connecting to Korean-speaking people on a global scale. However, successful communication can only come through expert, professional translation.

Discover how Acclaro can help translate your content into expert Korean—and build your brand.

Marketing content translation

In today’s business landscape, quantifiable results are expected from your marketing assets. These results can only be the byproduct of communication that connects with your audience and makes an impact. Otherwise, your expansion into new territory and/or with new customers could fail from the start.

It’s also important that every English-to-Korean translation maintains your brand’s story and personality as closely as possible. Most likely, they have been cultivated and carefully monitored for years. Professional translation created by in-country linguists who understand the nuances is vital.

Website translation and localization

Your website has 15 seconds to make an effective connection with your target customer before they move on to their next promising solution. This is why in-country, Korean-localization experts are essential to successful website translation. From headlines to meta descriptions to persuasive copy, your content simply has to connect with your Korean customers at every turn.

Acclaro has extensive experience with Korean website localization, including powerful CMS connectors and plugins to ensure seamless translation integrations.

Document translation

The Acclaro team can translate all types of business documents into Korean. Just send us the native file and we can handle the rest, from packaging translations to contracts to datasheets to blog posts and social media content.

Not only do you receive expert Korean translation, you get peace of mind knowing our graphics and production teams understand the appropriate layout requirements and visual components required for a successful document. (Note: It’s not as simple as cut and paste.)

Multimedia translation

If the appropriate localization steps are not taken, re-takes and multiple edits can send costs skyrocketing. .

The first step is partnering with a team of editors and translators who know the subtleties of the Korean language. Not only should they be able to translate audio and/or captions correctly, but they must know how to maintain your brand story. Fortunately, Acclaro can do both.

Whether you need to translate two marketing videos or 35 eLearning videos, Acclaro can maximize your current assets and create cost-effective, powerful tools to expand your business into Korean-speaking markets.

Software and app localization

There is rarely a stress-free timeline for software or app launches—especially when those launches contain complicated localization. This is why a detailed, highly collaborative Korean localization team is imperative.

Acclaro ensures success by becoming an extension of your team. Our native-speaking, in-country translators and editors not only know Korean, they will become experts on your product and fit into your workflow. Daily string translations? Sure. Semi-annual waterfall releases? We can do that. Acclaro also uses a powerful technology platform to save our customers time and money on translations for recurring projects.

Interpretation services

Live Korean communication is the fastest, most powerful way to connect with your Korean-speaking audience. Acclaro can provide on-site and over-the-phone interpretation for your company to truly communicate with Korean-speaking decision-makers.

Have you seen United Nations meetings where translations are in real-time? Acclaro can do that. One-on-one meetings? We can help with that too. Or how about a 1-800 number to connect with a skilled, professional Korean interpreter? Yes, we can provide it.

Don’t let language barriers stop your company from expanding into new Korean-speaking territories or targeting opportunities. Acclaro has extensive experience working with Fortune 500 companies (and smaller companies too) to gain traction with Korean-speaking consumers.

The opportunity is there. Take it with Acclaro’s help. For more information on how our team can help you with Korean translations, contact us today.

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