Website Globalization Webinar

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Picture this: A native Spanish speaker just moved into a new house in Phoenix and it’s pretty clear that they’re going to need a new kitchen faucet. They’re not quite sure where the nearest home improvement store is, and anyway, they’re used to buying items online.

So they start searching the web for kitchen faucets. Only, they don’t type “kitchen faucet” into Google; they type “grifería.”

The top search results are fairly useless: a bunch of faucet companies based in Spain, a Delta faucet product sheet PDF that takes a long time to load and doesn’t have what they’re looking for anyway. The right-hand column is also empty of relevant results, just an ad that says, “¿Buscas Griferias? Consigue Mejores Resultados con”

Why such lack of targeted, relevant results for this proactive, ready-to-buy consumer? Perhaps the faucet industry isn’t aware that…

  • Non-native English speakers are four times more likely to buy products offered and documented in their own languages.
  • Even for those who can read English, more than 60% prefer buying from sites in their own language.
  • 65.5% of English-proficient consumers still favor local-language products.

And, more importantly, that the Hispanic market in the U.S. is poised to reach $1 trillion by the end of this year. That’s a lot of faucets!

Don’t fall into the habit of ignoring foreign language markets. Even companies that sell products and services to domestic customers should consider launching a localized website as part of their marketing and sales growth strategy.

Don’t know where to start? Join Acclaro on Thursday, September 23, 2010 at 9am PT / noon ET for a free, live one-hour webinar that will help you start thinking about how to reach those foreign language visitors.

The Basics of Website Globalization,” led by Acclaro’s website localization expert Jon Ritzdorf, will explain how taking a website “global” and selling to new language markets requires more than simple content translation. Companies should consider design, site architecture, technology and processes.

What you’ll learn from this webinar:

  1. Once you build your localized website, how will your target visitors find your site?
  2. How will they navigate, and what will they see? (Hint: you often can’t just use the same images!)
  3. How will they interact with your site? How can you be prepared for new kinds of inbound communication and business interactions?

We’ll also cover how to keep your costs of translation down, as well as some extra tips and tricks that will make your website have a powerful impact on your new visitors, increasing conversion rates and bringing great ROI to your project. Space is limited, so register to attend this webinar today.