[Podcast] how to launch successful multilingual websites

By Acclaro
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What does it take to launch a profitable & well-developed multilingual website?

Ira Frimere, Acclaro’s VP of Product, and Michael Harris, Lead Solutions Engineer at Acclaro,  joined a recent CTRL+CLICK CAST podcast hosted by Lea Alcantara and Emily Lewis from Bright Umbrella and shared how website translation has changed over the past seven years — including best practices to help brands achieve global success with a multilingual website:


In this podcast, we dive into:

  • Client localization workflows
  • The business benefits of localization
  • Balancing machine and expert human translation
  • UX, front-end and CMS considerations for multilingual sites!

About Bright Umbrella

Bright Umbrella creates custom, easy-to-manage websites for nonprofits and businesses invested in education and social good. They produce the acclaimed tech podcast CTRL+CLICK CAST, which features diverse voices from the web industry’s leaders and innovators. Hosts Lea Alcantara and Emily Lewis first touched on localization in 2011, focusing on CMS workflows.

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