Acclaro helps REMINC with scalable website localization workflows for global growth

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Acclaro helps REMINC with scalable website localization workflows for global growth

For more than 50 years, Research Engineering & Manufacturing, Inc. (REMINC) and its sister company, CONTI Fasteners AG (CONTI) have been at the forefront of the global fastener industry. Their innovations can be found in everything from automobiles and construction sites to kitchen hoods and televisions. Their solutions, quite literally, help unite the world.

Because of that reach and because of their customers’ growing reliance on the Internet for product information, Ed Hebert, REMINC’s VP of Innovation & Technology, realized the companies needed a more robust website that would resonate more effectively with their many different customers across the world. An online brand presence that accomplished that goal would require a multilingual platform with localized content and a homogeneous user experience.

While there are a few providers Hebert could have turned to, the REMINC and CONTI teams felt an instant connection with Acclaro, as they share a similar vision and global footprint. In addition, Acclaro’s leadership and track record of success instilled confidence in the key stakeholders at REMINC and CONTI.

Utilizing the only translation plugin for Craft CMS

To fully understand the challenge, the Acclaro team began by reviewing REMINC and CONTI’s goals, products and website. Once the Acclaro team had a firm grasp on the mission, a customized, strategy-driven website localization program was developed. This included the only professional translation plugin for Craft CMS on the market. With the push of a button, REMINC and CONTI can now send their content to experienced, in-country Acclaro linguists that translate the assets into five languages.

Much more than just translation, however, Acclaro’s service ensures that the content has relevance that enhances the user experience on a localized level. Acclaro’s specialized linguists work with the teams at REMINC and CONTI to ensure terminology and style conventions are accurate and on-brand in all of their markets, and the teams are able to review and approve the work before seamlessly publishing it on their website,

A true team effort

The timeline for the project was aggressive, but Acclaro worked as an extension of the REMINC and CONTI teams to ensure that it was a success in every sense of the word. “Acclaro’s team  proved extremely responsive to our needs, timeline, and budget” Hebert reflected. The feedback Hebert and his team have received on the new site has been nothing but positive.

Liz Marsi, Director of Client Development at Acclaro, was also pleased with the outcome. “Because of the impressive work our project and customer success managers and web consultants devoted to this project and its subsequent customer success, we will have many more opportunities to work with REMINC and CONTI in the future,” she added.

Acclaro helps global businesses grow

Early on, REMINC and CONTI realized they needed a website that could tell their story on the global stage. Shortly thereafter, they realized the optimal solution for that is Acclaro. Whether for fasteners, financial services, retail chains, non-profits or any other business, for that matter,

Acclaro has the professionals, technologies and the work ethic to help businesses achieve their goals for global growth. That’s why Acclaro will have more opportunities to work with REMINC and CONTI in the future on their next generation of marketing collateral, technical manuals, and video content. If you’re looking for continued global growth, get started with us today.

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