Craft CMS website localization success story

Success Story - Craft CMS Website Localization

A solid localization strategy meets an integrated website localization solution.
Combining partnership, technology and expertise to simplify multilingual content management


A prominent global enterprise was searching for a headless, localization-ready CMS to manage multilingual web content. After struggling to find a viable solution, they realized they needed more than just a way to translate content—they needed a partner they could trust and a strategy that would scale. Acclaro delivered that and more, using Craft CMS and its translation integration to bolster an environment of best practices, collaboration and cost savings.


The complexity of the requirements coupled with outdated technology created many hurdles that needed clearing:

  • Cumbersome data migration with multiple file types and resource formats to be synthesized into a single translation handoff
  • Tedious process to manually export, translate and import daily files
  • Lack of technology or process to track content status and updates from various contributors
  • Inability to customize workflows


The Acclaro team initiated a series of collaborative strategy sessions, which helped the client feel confident and ready to tackle localization. From there, we guided the successful transition from proxy server to CMS, keeping all data intact and giving the client an intuitive, automated website localization solution. Our approach included:

  • Technology
    • Acclaro’s Translations for Craft CMS plugin with premium support simplified onboarding, automated translation workflows and eliminated manual tasks
    • Leverage of translation memory maximized efficiencies
  • Expert team
    • Built to spec, our team became an extension of the client’s, providing steady, clear guidance and crafting a long-term, scalable localization strategy
  • Communication
    • Weekly touchpoints and visibility at every step of service supply chain
    • Metrics delivered data-driven QBRs for strategic analysis and improvement

Highlights & results

With a strategic partner and global-ready website, the client enjoys tangible results on an ongoing basis:

  • User-friendly, culture-specific websites in 10+ languages
  • Reduced cost and time to launch through automation and repeatable processes
  • Reduced workload for their internal non-localization staff
  • Improved conversion rates and subsequent global ROI

See how Acclaro’s website translation services and Translations for Craft CMS integration can help you grow globally.

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