The Top Five Languages of Web Surfers Worldwide

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Think your company just might be ready to grow your business to the next level online? It might be time to take your organization from local or national to global, and there are five excellent reasons to jump into international markets that are right for you: Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, and German – the top five languages of almost a billion people online around the world today.

We’ll give you a head start on your research with a quick peek into those global markets and languages that are experiencing the most growth online. For an even clearer snapshot, make sure to delve into our full article as well.

Chinese: 444,948,000 Internet Users

Infrastructure improvements have encouraged millions of Chinese to surf the internet, partly due to the increased popularity in online shopping and e-banking services. Almost one-third of China’s population was regularly on the web by the end of 2010. The potential market for mobile apps has expanded by leaps and bounds, too.

Spanish: 153,309,000 Internet Users

Spanish is spoken in all its many idiomatic forms from Spain to Chile to Central America ­— and all over the U.S. by first-generation immigrants as well as their bilingual children. This market is complex due to each country having a different “flavor” of Spanish. Do your homework and determine your goals for your project before deciding how to tackle your Spanish translations.

Japanese: 99,143,000 Internet Users

This wealthy consumer nation ranks third in the world in internet usage, with a huge market of sophisticated web-savvy surfers who don’t generally speak English.

Portuguese: 82,548,000 Internet Users

Brazil is by far the powerhouse of the Latin American internet segment, with nearly 81 million users. As Brazil’s economy took off in the last decade, internet use increased by an astounding 1,341%. As for Portugal, half of its population is online, with a little over five million users.

German: 75,158,000 Internet Users

Between Germany’s 61 million users, and the affluent Deutsch speakers in Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, and Liechtenstein, there’s a huge market of users who avidly surf the web with computers and mobile phones. These five countries have an average web penetration rate of 75%.

How Will You Go Global?

You’ll want to do some deep research to determine which global language markets are best for your company. There are many pathways and partners to consider. We hope you’ll take a look at our complete article to delve a little deeper into the specifics.