How to launch & manage a multilingual website-step 6 help prospects find you with international SEO

By Acclaro
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How to Launch & Manage a Multilingual Website-Step 6 Help Prospects Find You with International SEO

Welcome to step 6 in the How to launch & manage a multilingual website blog series, where you’ll learn how important search engine optimization (SEO) is to the process.

If you’ve been following the series, you’ve seen the thoughtful detail that must go into every aspect of creating a multilingual site. You have to spend time choosing between language and country targeting, preparing your website’s structure, selecting a content management system and protecting your brand messaging. 

But no matter how perfect your multilingual website ends up, if customers can’t find it, your effort was wasted. 

Which SEO structure is best for your site? What keywords or phrases are your customers likely to search? Was hreflang mishandled in your implementation? In Step 6 of our eBook “Insider’s guide to launching a multilingual website” we delve into the potential pitfalls and main components you can address to help prospects find you.

When your multilingual website is ready for your target markets, Acclaro can show you how to harness the power of international SEO to succeed across cultures. Until then, download our eBook for more insightful tidbits (if you haven’t already!).

Join us next time for the final step, which shares some insight on how to create the best user experience.

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