How to launch & manage a multilingual website - step 2

By Acclaro
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How to launch & manage a multilingual website - step 2

Target wisely: country vs. language targeting

If you’ve been keeping up with our blog series on multilingual websites, you probably already know whether or not you’re ready for one. 

If you missed it, get up to speed and join us as we move on to Step 2: how to target your multilingual website wisely! 

In step 2 of our eBook Insider’s guide to launching a multilingual website, we introduce the concept of multilingual site structures like country and language targeting, and lay out the pros and cons of each to help you decide which may work best for you.

An experienced translation agency like Acclaro can help you determine which targeting tactic might be most effective, but knowing your options ahead of time helps. 

Download our eBook today to discover which approach is right for you, along with other tips and insights to launch and manage a multilingual website successfully.

Stay tuned for our blog on Step 3, which covers the process of choosing an international website structure.

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