How to launch & manage a multilingual website — step 7 maximize website engagement

By Acclaro
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How to Launch & Manage a Multilingual Website — Step 7 Maximize Website Engagement

Congratulations! You’re nearing the end of our multilingual website blog series. That means you’re on your way to launching and managing a multilingual site that’s efficiently built, seamless to manage and connects with your target audience. 

Now that you know the back-end and front-end basics involved with a website localization strategy, let’s talk about getting your target audience to engage with all the goodness. To please them, you’ll want to get them where they need to go as fast as possible. And this has everything to do with the user experience (UX).

The last step in our eBook “Insider’s guide to launching a multilingual website” covers three ways for visitors to select their preferred language, which ultimately increases engagement potential.

Seven steps. That’s the magic number to creating a multilingual website that can drive revenue. Well, that and a professional translation service provider that can offer the manpower, consistency, expertise and timing you need for true success. 

Let’s recap everything we learned next time with a website localization checklist! And be sure to download our eBook if you haven’t had the chance.

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