How to Launch & Manage a Multilingual Website in 7 Steps

How to Launch & Manage a Multilingual Website in 7 Steps

Category: Website Translation

Think your company might be ready for a multilingual website? Great news! That means your current site is receiving a substantial amount of traffic from another country or region, or your business is expanding into new territories and targeting new customers. 

The bad news? Your company is considering launching a multilingual website. This means many important decisions must be made (sooner rather than later) to ensure your site meets the needs of your new audience, makes search engines happy and, maybe most importantly, accurately reflects the personality and branding of your business. All this in a completely new language—and more than likely, multiple languages.

Fret not. Acclaro can help. 

We developed an eBook entitled “Insider’s Guide to Creating a Multilingual Website” to help companies like yours overcome the most common pitfalls and reach new language markets with success. You’ll discover how to successfully target and engage new audiences by following seven steps, which we’ll be highlighting in an upcoming series of blogs. 

Can’t wait to get ahead? Download the eBook now.

Is a multilingual website right for you? This is step 1 in the eBook, which we’ll delve into in next month’s blog (Hint: If you’re not actively pursuing it, your competitors are!).