What is continuous localization?

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What is continuous localization

Continuous localization is a process that relies on automation to accelerate the sequence of steps involved in producing a professional translation. This process harnesses the latest translation technologies to:

  • automatically detect content requiring translation
  • create a project
  • notify stakeholders
  • automatically sync the deliverables back to the code repository from which the source files came

The localization software assigns a project status to the translation at every step, keeping stakeholders up-to-date on its progress at all times.

On the street

What continuous localization means in the trenches depends on who you ask. To a developer, for instance, it means connecting a repository to a translation management system (TMS), and developing a solution that minimizes manual steps (i.e., exporting strings into a given file format) and facilitates the retrieval of translated content back in the same repository. To a localization manager, it means an automated workflow that cycles through translation projects with minimum need for intervention.

Benefits of continuous localization

In a world where companies must adhere to ever-shrinking product release time frames to remain competitive, development speed is absolutely critical. 

With the right tools and expertise, continuous localization allows you to align localization with your continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) development cycle. This means that your product will always be ready for release. And because continuous localization enables efficiency and speed, it positions you to get your product to your customers as quickly as possible.

Partner with Acclaro

Today’s market pressures mean localization projects must happen more quickly, more often, and in smaller volumes than ever before. Continuous localization is the ideal solution to satisfy each of these requirements. 

Seamlessly integrate continuous localization into your development cycle with guidance from localization experts, nimble tools and cutting-edge technologies. Then watch your product speed to market ahead of the competition. 

Contact the Acclaro team to see how continuous localization can help you get to market faster.

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