Professional Vietnamese Translation Services

Have you visited Vietnam lately? Its modernization and development will astound you. In only a few decades, Vietnam has grown from one of the world’s poorest nations to a lower/middle-income country. In fact, its economic growth rivals China.

The result of this amazing growth is the enticement of international business expansion into the area. Foreign goods are welcome into Vietnam, which has pursued an open economy to push their growth.  

The result? Your company has an amazing opportunity to reach millions of people whose income is rising. Yet it’s not as easy as Googling “Vietnamese translation services.” You need expert, professional Vietnamese localization to make sure your translated content connects with your audience and grows your brand.

Marketing Content Translation

Vietnam has a literacy rate of 97.3 percent This means your target audience is more than capable of communicating with your brand, if your translations are expertly localized.

Acclaro can help make sure your marketing content is accurately translated, depending upon the region of Vietnam you intend to target. From print and online advertising to SEM campaigns and email marketing, Acclaro has the expertise and in-country know-how to elevate your brand in the eyes of your audience.

Partner with us and tell your brand’s story to a Vietnamese-speaking audience in the most effective, seamless way possible.

Website Translation and Localization

Your website visitors deserve—and want—an excellent experience.

But what works for English-speaking audiences doesn’t always carry over to a Vietnamese-speaking audience. Different regions have unique accents and word usage, so narrowing down your target audience is a wise decision. Acclaro has native, in-country team members who can help you navigate any Vietnamese website localization issues.

Our experts offer a human touch, while our technology is second to none. We work with powerful CMS connectors (without the use of IT!), search engine optimization and translation API to automate large volumes of digital content. What’s more, our translation management platform provides seamless project management.

Document Translation

Vietnamese document translation is just as important as website and marketing translation. In fact, in the case of contracts and product documentation, it can be more important to your audience.

Let Acclaro’s professional document translation services maintain your brand’s voice while also connecting with Vietnamese-speaking consumers. We’re not simply localization professionals—we’re branding experts. We know that what works for English may not work in Vietnamese (especially character counts), so we can help you avoid surprises throughout every step of the process. 

Multimedia Translation

Much like the American north and south, Vietnam has distinctly different accents between their northern and southern regions. Your multimedia projects must reflect this to engage your audience.

From marketing videos to online courses, Acclaro has experience entertaining and educating Vietnamese-speaking consumers effectively. We’ve helped Fortune 500 companies with transcriptions, music, voice recording, subtitling and many more multimedia services to ensure success.

Software and App Localization

Our most successful software and application localization projects are the result of being a true extension of our client’s team. When we’re trained on your software and apps, and we work with you to create an optimal workflow process that fits your company’s timeline, our native-speaking, in-country translators can work with confidence.

We’re also backed by powerful translation memory software that memorizes and stores segments of translated text to apply to future projects for speed, consistency and cost savings. Again, “no surprises” is our goal.

Interpretation Services

This is where “the rubber hits the road” in our business: when your company is face-to-face or on the phone with a Vietnamese customer. Average interpretation services just don’t cut it.

Acclaro offers expert, professional on-site and over-the-phone interpretation to turn your company into a true global player. We have extensive experience with consecutive interpreting for meetings, simultaneous interpretation for events (think “UN-style”) and even a 1-800 number to help you with any meetings or calls. We’re ready to help.

Vietnam has become a true destination for businesses seeking global expansion. Take advantage of this growth opportunity and launch yours the right way: with expert, professional Vietnamese translation services. Contact an Acclaro team member today to get started.