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UK English translation for global companies

Think your American English website can close the sale with UK customers? Think again. Studies show that the British will shy away from making purchases on non-localized eCommerce sites. British English is a distinct dialect that is embedded in a very unique culture — that’s why it requires special attention when it comes to your business communications. But if you’re willing to make the investment, there is a strong upside to localizing for this lucrative market. The UK is the perfect gateway for U.S. businesses expanding into Europe for the first time.

UK English localization services

At Acclaro, we understand the economic potential of the UK market for our clients and offer the localization solutions they need to reach their goals. Our team of UK English copywriters, editors, translators, linguists and reviewers are experts in the nuances of this dialect. They can masterfully rework your American English content to resonate authentically and locally with UK-based customers. Your customer-facing website, marketing materials, videos and product information will sound perfectly British — and you’ll reap the benefits of communications that truly speak to your target audience.

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