Professional Software Translation Services.

With so many moving parts, how you approach localizing your software can make or break the global success of your product. Acclaro is equipped to take on the most complicated, high-stakes software releases under the tightest deadlines. Hundreds of start-ups and enterprise technology leaders from Oracle, SAP, IBM, Square, Dropbox, and Palantir will tell you the same thing: Acclaro is the industry choice for software localization services.

App Localization Services with a Human Touch

It takes a detail-oriented, highly collaborative team to bring together the processes of human translation and product development. Your dedicated project manager is an attentive guide from software localization kick-off through international product launch and maintenance. You’ll have a custom team of native-speaking in-country translators and editors assigned to your work. Trained on your product and skilled in mobile app localization for any platform including iOS and Android, our translators and engineers act as a consistent extension of your team.

Better, Faster, and Cheaper Software Translations for Your Business

Our clients find considerable budget and time savings with the Acclaro Technology Platform:

  • Translation tools that define how every key term should be translated
  • Real-time translation database where every translated string is saved
  • Consistent use of string IDs to manage versions
  • Automatic leveraging of software translations from previous updates

Our Agile Software Localization Services Sync with Your Development Process

Our software translation service will fit seamlessly into your existing workflow. Whether daily string translations, biweekly agile sprints or semi-annual waterfall releases, we’ll make it easy for you.

Supported File Types

The Acclaro Translation Platform supports all standard resource file formats from common development platforms, and our engineers will even create a custom parser for client-specific formats. Commonly supported file formats for software and app localization projects include:

·       .properties ·       .resx
·       .po ·       .json
·       .strings ·       .js
·       .yml ·       .xml
·       .xlf ·       .php
·       .xls ·       .csv

Mobile App Localization for Any Platform

Whether your mobile app is Android or iOS based, you’ll be able to meet the specific needs of your international app users with the power of our Android and iOS app localization services.

Translation Services API Speeds Up App Localization

Automate hand-offs with our REST translation API to post and receive translations from our platform. Reducing processing time and effort gives you a lower cost agile translation service that syncs up with daily app development.

Additional Software Localization Services

Beyond string translation, our comprehensive software localization approach helps your software and apps succeed in any language.

Software Internationalization Services

From display encodings, string externalization and handling issues like date, time, currency, locale, our consulting and development services ensure that your application is engineered to function globally and easy to localize.

Software Localization Testing & QA

Your final product will look and function exactly as it should thanks to our rigorous testing & QA process. Any bugs due to truncations, display, context, under or over translation, or internationalization are meticulously recorded, resolved and confirmed before final approval.