Language Quality - Glossary And Style Guide

Language quality

Localization glossary & style guide development for consistent, high quality translations

Capture your brand voice across cultures with a custom glossary and style guide.

Invest in success

Our expert team collaborates with you to create custom glossaries and style guides to keep your brand messaging consistent across cultures and languages.

This upfront investment pays off quickly as your translation team will become intimately familiar with these guiding language assets to create quality results.

Language Quality - Glossary & Style Guide - Protect your global brand

Protect your global brand

  • Capture your essence

    Your style guide captures your brand’s essence on a high level and your brand’s preferences on a practical level, while your glossary defines important words and phrases. Combined, these two vital components are at the center of all your translations.

  • Spell out your terms

    Our vetted, in-country linguists will ensure only approved terminology is used during the translation process. To keep your translations consistent across languages and markets as you scale, this team will use your brand’s and industry specific terms and requirements.

  • Grow with style

    You have (brand) standards. We understand. Working with us to document them in a style guide will ensure your team of translators adhere to your linguistic and stylistic preferences, formatting guidelines and country specific rules.

Increase efficiencies and savings with TM

By capturing your preferences in a style guide and required terms in a glossary upfront, we can leverage translation memory (TM) to achieve high quality translations while saving you time and money.

Make sense in any language

Are you talking about a breakout session for a small group or a breakout role for a film actor? Your glossary ensures that the translation team understands your intentions.

Scale with style globally

Regularly reviewed language assets like glossaries and style guides are key components to successful ongoing localization programs. We’ll help you manage these assets as you scale your business globally.

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