Web & app localization success story

Success Story - Web App Localization

Helping the poster child of user generated content keep up with rapid readership growth around the world.
Acclaro helped establish a custom, automated localization process for ongoing cost savings and tripled global readership in seven language markets within the first year.


The future of translation can be seen in newly popular online platforms and mobile applications for user-generated stories and articles. With thousands of user submissions per day, and over half its readers living outside the United States, this Acclaro client needed a seamless user experience for non-English speakers. Building on a custom localization process and technology solution, Acclaro drove the ongoing rollout of seven languages including rapid growth in key markets like Brazil.


When an online publishing platform takes off around the world, its team quickly needs to keep up with the exponential increase of content to be translated. The client’s three localization challenges were:

  • Unpredictable release times and fast deadlines for a large volume of daily translations
  • Maintaining a high standard of quality through streamlined Review and QA process
  • Consistent brand voice and positioning across all languages

Because the multilingual content came from both users and the internal team, the client needed a hands-free tool to tag content, route it to human translators, and return high caliber content to its mobile and web interface with seamless integration.


In close collaboration with in-house reviewers and testers, we used Acclaro’s continuous localization integrations to build an automatically updated localization pipeline. Our approach:

  • Developed a style guide for brand consistency across all languages
  • Established a Review and Quality Assurance process for content standards
  • Customized an automated process to push and pull new content for high quality human translation

The mobile and web apps are now localized in parallel with ongoing development work and content contributions from Acclaro linguists, internal client staff and trusted users.


Highlights & results


Within three months, we localized the mobile app into seven languages and the website soon after. Our client’s user-generated content platform is now easily accessible in Italian, Spanish, Turkish, German, Catalan, French and Portuguese, quickly tripling readership and setting the stage for exponential growth in new language markets.

Key results include:

  • Global readership tripled in less than a year
  • Consistent brand positioning and content standards in all target markets
  • Significant ongoing cost savings through a hands-free automation process

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