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Each month, billions of users log on to YouTube, with local versions available in 100+ countries. The opportunity to reach new audiences, engage your customers and prospects, and amplify your brand’s messaging with multilingual YouTube video content has never been greater.

With a professional translation team by your side, you can overcome the most common YouTube translation hurdles, such as juggling multiple projects, handling vast amounts of assets, and adhering to tight deadlines that affect your global business initiatives and video strategy. Acclaro can give you a competitive edge by expertly adapting your YouTube content with expert guidance, high-quality translations and fast turnarounds. You’ll be influencing, entertaining, educating and growing your brand on a global scale in no time!

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The most successful businesses incorporate YouTube video translation in their overall business plan. Acclaro will collaborate with you to develop a scalable localization strategy that ensures your YouTube translations maximize efficiencies and connect with your target audience. You’ll have a designated project manager guiding you, along with a team of linguists, graphic artists, audio experts and voice talent customized to your needs offering decades of localization expertise.

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Amplify your YouTube content

Our clients often spend thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands, of dollars on their video assets. They host them on their own YouTube channels, which is great, but often, the content is only available in one language. To reach new audiences globally, professional adaptation of these assets is vital.

A good place to start is with your channel and video descriptions. Once translated, users will know exactly what they’re about to view. And let’s not forget about comments, which should also be available in your target languages.

In addition to these elements, Acclaro has extensive experience translating and adapting all kinds of YouTube video content, including training, product and brand marketing videos.

All the professional YouTube translation services you need

Your brand’s high standards should be maintained no matter where your target audience resides. A common misstep is trusting multiple vendors to deliver one solution. With Acclaro, every step of the translation process can be kept in-house to maximize efficiencies and ensure high quality. Our team can help with:

  • Script transcription and translation
  • YouTube caption translation
  • YouTube subtitle translation
  • Multilingual voice-over recording and synching (including finding your perfect in-country speaker)
  • Content translation, including channel and video descriptions, and comments
  • Graphics and animation editing

With a trusted YouTube translation partner by your side, you’ll have peace of mind knowing all your  assets are professionally translated, so they resonate with global viewing audiences.

Proven tools & technology

The Acclaro team is well versed in multiple file formats—even uncommon ones—to adapt your assets with precision (and without unnecessary costs). We can work seamlessly with your workflows in most popular formats such as Adobe Premier Pro, Final Cut Pro and Articulate.

Multimedia tools

We’ll also explore all available tools and technologies to ensure your video translation process runs smoothly and cost effectively. For instance, translation memory can minimize translation time and maximize consistency across multiple projects. And the My Acclaro translation management platform keeps you in the loop at each phase of all your YouTube translation work.

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