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Launch video content globally with multilingual voiceover services

Working in 125+ languages, we provide a turn-key solution with professional transcription, subtitling and voiceover services to help leading brands expand globally

Leverage a team of multimedia experts

From eLearning and advertising to corporate and training content, our comprehensive multimedia and voiceover localization solutions will ensure you’re able to captivate, educate and instruct your audiences around the world.

Our experts work with you to translate time-coded scripts, cast on-brand, native voice talent, and produce a polished result in all popular media formats for final distribution.

Voiceover localization services

Launch faster with a full-service solution

Your dedicated Acclaro project manager will oversee your entire multilingual voiceover initiative from beginning to end. From transcription to voiceover recording to quality assurance testing, they will be there to ensure your digital multilingual content gets delivered efficiently, on time and on budget.

Ensure quality

Developing language assets like style guides and glossaries will help ensure that your translations and voice overs adhere to your linguistic and stylistic preferences.

Next, casting the best voice talent combined with rigorous linguistic and technical quality assurance testing ensures that you achieve high quality results that are true to your brand message.

Experts in all commonly used technology

Our studio engineers can encode digital outputs to all popular media formats including mp4, avi and mov. Plus, they have experience in working in all common platforms like Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition, SoundForge, ProTools, Storyline, Captivate, and more.

Multimedia tools

Professional, high-quality voiceovers will prevent you from distracting your viewers or leaving a bad impression.

Protect your investment

Our native voiceover talent handpicked specifically for your brand and content will help you achieve exceptional results. If you’d like to opt for a comparable but more budget friendly solution, our post-production team can recommend many experienced home recording talents.

Succeed across cultures in 125+ languages and 300+ language pairs

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Power your strategic growth

Go beyond tactical localization with tailored, strategic solutions that resonate locally and drive growth globally.

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