Ensuring High-Quality Translation.

Translation quality is critical to perceptions about your brand in other markets. How do you ensure your existing translations are accurate, in your brand voice and free of errors? Whether you use employees, the crowd, freelancers or agencies, knowing that your translated materials meet established standards will let you go global with confidence.

Prevent Translation Errors from Undermining Your Brand

Our language quality reviewers find and fix errors that could undermine your brand, so you can be sure that your global communications are true to your standards in any language. Have us QA your documents, apps, software, websites… so that you make your best impression abroad.

Whether you need peace of mind on a single translated document or a systematic language quality review program for all your translations, we have the team, technology and expertise to help.

How Our Translation QA & Review Services Work

Our senior linguists review translated documents and make necessary corrections based on agreed guidelines. Each correction is categorized and cataloged automatically so you know what’s changed, including the following types of errors:

  • Mistranslations
  • Non-conforming style
  • Grammar
  • Syntax
  • Typos and spelling

Working with your team, we define the acceptance criteria using your objectives and industry benchmarks. We implement this standard into our review process and report against it to ensure translation quality objectives and service level agreements are being met.

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Translation Review and QA

Reviewing and approving translations is a significant challenge for global organizations. Companies often underestimate the effort and assign translation review to field marketing or sales organizations, pulling team members from their primary roles into a task that can consume days at a time. This can create bottlenecks and delays or potentially allow material into the market without adequate oversight.

By outsourcing to a partner with consistent standards, efficient technology and language professionals trained in your subject matter, you will get product to market faster, knowing that you’re delivering quality product and content to the field that supports your brand.

  • Implement quality criteria
  • Review source content and target translation
  • Report corrections and quality metrics

You can get translation quality review and reporting as part of Acclaro’s enterprise translation services, or as a stand-alone independent service through Beyont.