When companies expand globally, it’s essential to be supportive at every step of the customer experience. This is especially true when it comes to technical documentation. Low-quality technical translation services can lead to system breakdowns, increased customer inquiries, damaged equipment, safety threats and worse.

To succeed, you need a partner that possesses an excellent command of both the source and target languages, and also an in-depth understanding of the subject matter and its terminology. Enter Acclaro. With strategic technical translation services we can help your company create accurate, precise communications with your target audience—in any language.

The Power of Partnership & Strategic Consultation

Acclaro can partner with your team to create a localization strategy that fits in with your overall business plan. Not only can we offer an experienced, global team with custom processes, we’ll help you choose from the latest technology and tools to meet deadlines, ensure quality and meet your business goals.

We offer a dedicated project manager, along with translators with technical subject matter expertise and knowledge of your brand. Our team has extensive expertise translating highly complex technical documentation in more than 125 languages, including user guides, operating manuals, specifications, other document translations and more.

Finding the Right Technical Translation Services For Your Needs

Technical translations often require vitally important (and often sizable amounts) of content. This is no time for rookies.  

There are many methods to translate technical content for new language markets. The trick is finding the best match that will deliver quality and cost effectiveness. Our human translation services are second to none, providing efficiency and consistency, thanks to Acclaro’s localization workflows and best practices.

Depending on your content volume and budget requirements, machine translation (MT) can help lower costs and speed up turnarounds. When paired with human post-editing, you can trust you’re getting accurate technical communications every time.

Acclaro also offers expert multilingual design and production services for truly scalable, cost-effective solutions. Reformatting technical documents and graphics to match your language requirements—also known as desktop publishing (DTP)—can be time consuming, burdensome and expensive if not under the watchful eyes of experts.

Every company has unique needs, and Acclaro can customize its technical translation services, technologies and tools to fit yours. 

Technologies and Tools to Maximize Efficiencies and Minimize Costs

When you partner with Acclaro, you’ll discover the difference that technology-powered human translation makes. We take the time to carefully understand your needs and help you choose and use the right tech to meet them. 

Our easy-to-use translation management platformMy Acclarois always at the ready, giving you on-demand access to every technical translation need. And with easy integration to tools like DropBox, Box, Google Drive or OneDrive, we make collaboration and sharing a cinch.

Translation memory can help you cut down on costs by storing your most common phrases in a database for use on for future translations. And if you end up using MT, we offer machine translation engine training to raise quality to another level.

Whatever it takes to turn your complicated technical translations into communications that convey the message accurately to customers, employees and partners, Acclaro can help.

Complete Support for Your eCommerce Translations

The My Acclaro translation management platform gives you complete control, from translation requests to approvals. No more surprises. And for ongoing eCommerce content translation requirements, Acclaro’s translation API (Application Programming Interface) and CMS integrations can automate your large volume translation workflows to save time, maintain consistency and reduce costs. 

Your eCommerce website is too important not to have a trusted translation partner by your side. See how Acclaro can help you create a powerful eCommerce translation strategy and launch your online brand successfully to new audiences.