Our Top Tips For Jumping Into Chinese Social Media

Category: Marketing Translation

If you’re thinking about testing—or even diving into—the waters of the rapidly growing Chinese social media market, now is the time to start doing your research. With more than 400 million Internet users, most of them young, educated, and savvy about games and web socializing, there’s ample opportunity for well-prepared businesses to succeed.

We’ve got a few ideas to help you get familiar with Chinese online channels as you start out, and expand into this lucrative market in a way that’s culturally appropriate. More detail can be found in our full newsletter article.

1. Micro-Blogs  

A hybrid between Facebook and Twitter, these micro-blogging sites, known in China as weibo (微博, pronounced way-boh), are gaining popularity with each passing day. The two most important weibos are Sina’s Weibo with over 140 million users and Tencent Weibo with around 80 million users.

2. Social Networking Sites (SNSs)

There are many Chinese SNSs—and there are a few fee-based services valuable enough to consider budgeting for. Renren, orEveryone”, is one of China’s Facebooks and counts more than 124 million users. Kaixin001, or “Happy Net”, has some of the most monetized and affluent users of all the Chinese social networks.

3. Bulletin Board Systems (BBSs)

Bulletin board systems are still very popular in China, because they are known to be relatively “unfiltered”. Hundreds of millions of Chinese (possibly more than for traditional SNSs) frequent these forum sites for the real scoop, relying on them rather than on state-approved online newspapers and mainstream media.

To find out more about the topics above, including specific channels and outlets to consider, read our full article. It also includes info on video-sharing and location-based services – two more ways to reach the nearly half a billion Chinese 网民 (netizens) online today.