How To: Minimize the Cost of Software Localization

Category: Software Translation, Technology

Anyone who has ever released a software product to international markets knows that it is no walk in the park.

There’s a complex (but necessary!) process that has to take place before your translation agency can confidently deliver those final foreign language versions of your software.

Many companies fear that such a thorough process equals high cost and loss of control. What they might not realize is that this is actually an opportunity to help control costs.

Here are a few ways that you can help keep costs down:

  1. Conduct an internationalization analysis before you begin to identify problem areas that could pose challenges — or even derail your project!
  2. Do a “dry run” of the localization process. This simulated-translation and testing step will eliminate issues that may emerge during later phases of the project.
  3. Use standard file formats in development (.rc, .resx, .properties…). Translatable text in established formats is easier for the translation tools to process, meaning fewer engineering and QA hours.

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