NEWS: Acclaro Urges Developers to Consider App Store Optimization (ASO) Localization for Global Competitive Edge

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In a global marketplace crowded by over 2 million mobile apps, Acclaro offers ASO localization as one of the best tools for keeping a competitive edge.

New York, NY April 09, 2014 – As technology analysts are discovering the role of app store optimization (ASO) in the revenue potential of mobile applications, translation and localization agency Acclaro adds to the conversation with tips for applying ASO to app stores around the world. Recent articles published on the topic of ASO Localization, “ASO Localization: What’s In It for You” and “5 ASO Tricks for an Internationally Outstanding App” delve into the intricacies of optimizing an app for international audiences.

“Research shows that mobile app revenue will reach $46 billion by 2016, which is more than five times what it was in 2011,” says Acclaro founder and president Michael Kriz. “Our clients have found that optimizing an app for search in local languages is just as important as localizing the app itself.”

Acclaro defines ASO localization as a marketing technique that involves translating and optimizing an English-language app page for new language markets. A well-localized app page increases search performance in app stores, improving download rates and contributing to an app’s overall success in secondary language markets.

According to the 2013 report from BI Intelligence, localizing a mobile app can increase download rates by over 100% and revenues by 25%, and now ASO is becoming recognized as a major contributing factor to those numbers.

Because the majority of app store users reside outside of the United States, translating ASO efforts into the languages of key target markets is crucial for maintaining visibility in the highly-competitive global market.

“With rising demand on the global stage, every day that a publisher lets go by without translating and optimizing its app store description is a day of lost revenue,” says Kriz. “ASO is a supporting service to mobile app translation that cannot be overlooked.”

As Acclaro outlines in a recently published article, “ASO Localization: What’s In It for You”, leading brands in industries like retail and publishing are setting the pace for ASO. In a global marketplace crowded by over 2 million mobile apps, Acclaro offers ASO localization as one of the best tools for keeping a competitive edge.

App store rankings can be dramatically boosted when an app page employs keywords, titles, descriptions and screenshots localized for the target market. Kriz observes that developers often leave out these details when rushing to release an app – a mistake that equates to leaving money on the table.

“The purchasing power of international markets will only continue to grow, especially in Asia,” advises Kriz. “ASO doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. In fact it’s an easy ticket for app developers to achieve the download numbers they want in new target languages.”

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