5 ASO Tricks for an Internationally Outstanding App

Category: International Business, Technology

Mobile app revenue is expected to increase more than fivefold from 2011 to 2016, reaching $46 billion. App purchases, subscriptions and in-app revenue opportunities make even free apps a lucrative way to engage with customers both at home and abroad.

But with so many new apps released daily, you may find it challenging to get seen in Google Play or the Apple App Store.

The answer? Deploying smart ASO, or app store optimization, in every language your app “speaks” so that your offering will truly stand out from the global field of over 2 million other mobile apps.

Much like SEO (search engine optimization), targeting the right keywords for your language market is perhaps the most critical aspect of ASO localization. Thorough research into keywords (including those used by competitors and app shoppers in your target market) and factors like search volume and current trends can give your app an edge.

Inspired by Apptamin, here are four more aspects to consider when working with your translation partner to create a solid ASO strategy for each locale or language market:

  • Change up your screenshots. Screenshots allow potential users to preview what your app can do. Instead of using the same English-language images for all markets, use screengrabs of your translated app for more local appeal and relevance.
  • Use keywords in app name. If possible, include relevant keywords when naming your app. Avoid including too many words — that often feels like spam — and take advantage of search functions by using URL-safe characters only.
  • Flesh out the app description. The top three lines of text are your chance to engage your potential customers so make sure and work with your translation agency to transcreate your marketing copy, giving it more punch in each language. They will also seed language-specific keywords throughout your description to make it a powerful, search-friendly marketing tool.
  • Indicate updates. Regular updates show users that you value their feedback and adapt your app to achieve the best performance possible, whether a game or productivity tool. Encourage feedback and ratings from your users (in their own language) and clearly outline the fixes and improvements your updates bring.

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