5 Ways to Save $$ on Content Translation

Category: Translation Services

Ever notice that when you plan ahead, and do something “right” from the very beginning, you end up saving money?

We have. And if there’s one thing we like to emphasize to newcomers to globalizing content, it’s to plan ahead. When you know what to expect, you’re much more likely to solve problems before they actually occur.

  1. Be concise. Did you know? Translation pricing is largely based on per-word costs. Consider writing less, as fewer words will mean lighter translation costs.
  2. Create a Super Translation Support Toolkit. This sounds more complicated than it is. Just make sure you have an agreed upon glossary and style guide before translation begins.
  3. Provide editable source files. If your content or images are in source files that are not editable or layered, such as a PDF, re-creation will be necessary prior to localization, which can add considerable time and cost to the project.
  4. Follow image best practices (see more):
    • Keep text out of images.
    • Use screenshots sparingly. Every time you change your UI, these will have to be redone. If you do use screen captures, store them separately from the other ar
      Allow for expansion of the text associated with an image.
    • Layer your files.
    • Don’t embed images into your file, link them instead.
    • Store localizable images separately from non-localizable image.
  5. Create a smart change management system.  Edits happen, even to the best of us! Reduce  costs and headaches by establishing planned, formal updates for your documents. And if you have to send changes, batch them together to avoid minimum charges or iterative processing fees.

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