Make Sure Your iOS App Connects with Users Around the World

One of the keys to the successful global deployment and growth of your iOS app is creating an optimal user experience for every audience. 

No two audiences are alike, which is why localizing your iOS app with culture-specific content is vital to its success. It’s also why reputable brands like Uber and Roku have trusted the Acclaro team with their localization projects.

Tap into the Revenue-Producing Power of the iOS App Store

Launching your iOS app into new territories offers amazing revenue potential. Since 2010, the iOS App Store has seen over 170 billion downloads with over $130 billion in revenue. It’s available in over 150 different countries, supporting more than 40 languages.

The world is on the iOS App Store.

The problem: Each market speaks its own language and has its own nuances and customs.

The solution: iOS app localization by in-country linguists with software expertise.

iOS App Localization Service with Proven Expertise

As we’ve seen, the revenue-producing possibilities of localized apps are astounding. A dedicated translation team from Acclaro can help you take advantage of these amazing growth opportunities.

Acclaro’s translation team offers reliable, efficient iOS app localization with decades of expertise—including native-speaking, in-country translators and editors.

Your localization project will have the steady guidance of a dedicated project manager, from kickoff to international product launch to maintenance.

Your project manager will work closely with the Acclaro localization team to ensure consistency and effectiveness. They become an extension of your team, so your brand is represented accurately and creates a seamless connection with your new audience—no matter where in the world they reside.

iOS App Localization Tools and Technology

You want your iOS localization project to be as efficient, cost-effective and successful as possible. To help accomplish this, Acclaro offers not only expert localization teams and project managers, we give you the technology you deserve: the Acclaro Technology Platform

Translation Memory

Having your own translation memory database for your iOS app localization project ensures consistent updates and substantial cost savings (because your translation team doesn’t have to translate the same content over and over again).

You also get access to the My Acclaro Client Portal, a translation management platform that gives you “anytime, anywhere” access to self-service tools and reports to request, manage, track and view the progress of your iOS translations. 

RESTful translation API

Acclaro’s RESTful translation API can help automate workflows and efficiently manage continuous localization efforts for large volumes and regular updates.

The more helpful tools you have, the faster and more efficient your localization projects can become. 

Launch Your iOS Localization Project with Confidence

“Go live” dates have been known to create many sleepless nights for app development teams. Especially when their iOS app is going live in so many countries.  

Your security blanket, per se, is your Acclaro team. Before launching your app or subsequent  updates, you have the option to use Acclaro for quality assurance and testing, so everything functions flawlessly.

The Acclaro iOS app team can inspect every function, display setting and truncation before going live. Should problems be found, they’re recorded, resolved and verified before launching.

Let Acclaro Deliver Your iOS App to the World

If you’re ready for more downloads and revenue, Acclaro’s translators, technology and testing can help make your iOS localization project a success. (And if you have an Android-based app, don’t worry, we also have extensive experience launching that platform as well.) 

For more information on Acclaro’s software and app localization services, contact us today.