Finally. Your Android app is stable, bug-free and ready for launch!

The long hours, the designs, the testing, the launch, the feedback, more testing, the optimization. It was all worth it. Your app is just right and ready for all to use.

Yet there are even more opportunities out there. Consider this—five of the top six countries* with the highest volume of apps used and installed monthly aren’t English-speaking!

Just think of the global revenue potential if you localize your Android app. When you offer multiple languages on Android through app localization, you can connect with local audiences like never before to grow your brand. And it all starts with professional Android app localization services provided by the same team trusted by Roku and numerous other global brands—Acclaro.

Android App Localization Service with a Human Touch

Successful Android app localization is more than simply displaying your strings in a different language. Everything starts with the user experience. If you want to connect with a local audience, no matter where they reside, you must use their language, along with all its nuances—including data formatting such as dates, times and quantities.

Acclaro has extensive experience localizing Android apps for global audiences whether for initial launches or continuous updates. Our team includes in-country linguists and localization professionals with expert-level skills in both translation services and software development. Yet the process requires a human touch: a dedicated project manager (yay for humans).

Your dedicated project manager will help ensure efficient, seamless transition from step to step. It’s the perfect combination of technical know-how and personal oversight.

The Translation Tools & Technologies You Need for Success

To help ensure Acclaro’s android app localization service is efficient, on-time and on-budget, we offer the Acclaro Technology Platform. Tools like terminology management help our team manage a glossary of industry-specific and company-specific terms to ensure consistency.

The Acclaro Technology Platform also gives you your very-own translation memory database for your Android app localization project. The benefit? It makes translations even faster and saves you money by storing your previous translated string IDs for future use.

Each Acclaro client has access to the My Acclaro Client Portal, a platform that makes managing translations easier than ever. No more fretting, wondering or questioning a project’s next step. You get anytime, anywhere access to powerful tools and reports that let you request, manage, track and view the progress of your app translations. 

You can also take advantage of our RESTful translation API to help automate workflows and efficiently manage continuous localization efforts. (You’d be surprised how many strings an Android app can contain.)

Testing Your Localized Android App for Success

After our software localization team has worked their magic localizing your Android app for your target audience, we can help ensure that no stone is left unturned with our optional testing services. Acclaro is known for quality translation and localization work because we know the reputation of our clients and their brands are at stake. 

To enhance the user experience of your Android app users, our experts can inspect every function, display setting, truncation and content translation before final approval. We’ll record issues, then resolve and verify them before completion. 

Android app localization can be a daunting process. The moving parts. The content volume. The minutiae. And—more often than not—the tight timelines. Put your project in the hands of veteran linguists with the right translation tools to help make your Android localization project a success. (Oh, we also do iOS-based apps, too). For more information about Acclaro’s app localization services, contact us today.

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