LocLife recap: It takes more than a leader to shape company culture

What is company culture, and how can leaders define and shape an effective one? During our latest LocLife™ episode, leaders from Eventbrite, Momentive, Dell and Shopify shed light on this important aspect of the business world.

With over 300 registered participants, “Take the Lead, Shape the Culture” delved into ways to make culture a tangible differentiator that creates happy employees and business success. Our panel featured:

  • Wayne Bourland, director of translation, Dell
  • Julia Cassidy, head of localization, Momentive
  • Giulia Greco, localization leader, Shopify
  • Patrick McLoughlin, manager of localization, Eventbrite

Did you miss the live event? Would you like to watch it again to grab some key insights? You’re in luck! Watch the on-demand LocLife™ episode here:

Key insights from Take the lead. Shape the culture

When discussing what makes a positive company culture, Patrick McLoughlin shared, “I’m a firm believer that the culture is enriched by the people who are adding to it, as opposed to having to adapt to top-down circumstances.”

Giulia Greco agreed, noting that a positive culture is one where there isn’t much difference between the leaders and the individual contributors. And culture is ever-changing. “Culture is like an organism that gets fed by all the people that are coming in. At Shopify, we say that every time we hire one person, the company culture changes because we’re bringing in new thoughts, feelings and ways of being and working,” said Giulia.

According to Wayne Bourland, it’s also a having purpose that people can get behind, incorporating diversity and inclusion, investing in the communities we operate in and flexibility. Wayne stated, “At Dell, we’ve stopped saying ‘work-life balance’ and just say life balance, to do the things that you need to do, whether that’s picking up your kid at school, running to the store or whatever the case may be.”

Culture is more than just free food, bean bags, and ping-pong tables, according to Julia Cassidy. “Fun stuff that the company does for us is important and an opportunity to connect, but that’s not culture,” she said. “The culture is much more ingrained in the day to day. It’s getting everybody behind a common, shared goal that you will work toward with openness and transparency.”

Check out some actionable ideas and strategies that can take your company culture to the next level by watching the on-demand episode above.

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