Introducing LocLife™ – The Online Community & Event Series Hosted by Acclaro

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(Updated May 2020) Even the most logical of business leaders love a good story. LocLife™, the online event series exploring the human side of localization, was developed with that in mind. The next session takes place on Thursday, June 17th at 12:15 p.m EDT, and we invite one and all to join the conversation!

Hosted by Acclaro, LocLife™ brings together industry insiders and the business community at large to share stories about personal and professional challenges, successes, as well as trends and the future of localization. From professional development to diversity to the impact of AI on the industry, conversations are sure to engage localization novices and experts alike.

“As humans, we have an easy time digesting, following and remembering narratives,” said Annemieke Scott from Acclaro. “LocLife™ gives those within and outside of the localization community a chance to start a conversation about the real-world impact of our stories.”

The series is a reminder that we’re more than vendors and buyers, or products and services. We’re people with experiences, partnerships and lessons to share. Each session focuses on a different theme in that vein, but it all ties back to our shared mission: to unite people through language.