Happy International Translation Day

Category: International Business, Translation Services

Today marks the day that we take a moment to celebrate the contributions of translators around the world, who make content available to millions of people in hundreds of languages. Yes, it’s International Translation Day!

It all started in 1953, when members of the International Federation of Translators (FIT) decided their profession deserved a day of recognition. They chose September 30th, the day of the feast of St. Jerome, the Catholic patron saint of translators, librarians and encyclopedists. He translated the Old Testament from Hebrew into Latin, thus making it accessible for the Western world during the latter part of the 4th century.

The day was officially recognized in 1991 as a secular day of recognition for the entire global translation community, not just Christian theology and texts.

We’d like to take this opportunity to give our team of translators and linguists a resounding “thank you” for all of their hard work. It’s been a great year, and this team has played their part to help us meet the standards of quality and efficiency for our clients.

It’s fitting that it was St. Jerome who once wrote to the priest Innocent, Be ever engaged, so that whenever the devil calls he may find you occupied. Because if there’s one thing for certain, our translators are a busy bunch!