Get Your Geek On

Category: Software Translation, Technology

Do you speak geek? Specifically, localization geek? And do you have questions that only another geek can answer? Have we got a deal for you! Acclaro Globalization Architect and proud geek, Jon Ritzdorf, will be available to help you find the localization tech light via our newest digital forum, Geek2Geek.

Ask him about Unicode. Ask him about content management systems. Heck, even ask him about his Bionic Man glasses (we weren’t kidding about the geek part). To quote Jon himself, he looks forward to interacting with “engineers who have their hands in the code and need actionable tips for their localization quandaries.” 

Available via the web, Twitter (hashtag #geek2geek), and of course, our very own blog, Jon will share his wealth of tips and tricks for code-side web and software localization. Years of partnering with international Fortune 500 companies, insights from translation technology classes he’s taught at New York University, the University of Chicago, and the Monterey Institute of International Studies, and information from conferences and webinars are yours for the asking. Check out the press release on our News page or the links above to get started!