Translation Best Practices

Educate, Engage and Inform Across Cultures – 6 Best Practices for Training and eLearning Translation

Category: International Business, Translation Services

Translation and localization of your company’s training and eLearning content is critical to delivering consistent, targeted and relevant instruction to both employees and customers. Language barriers should not prohibit you from successfully hiring and training the right employees, nor should it stop you from providing customers with appropriate and often imperative instructional content.

In order provide you with the necessary tools to educate, engage and inform employees and customers in any new language market, Acclaro is introducing an eBook with the 6 best practices for translating and localizing training and eLearning content. Keeping translation and localization top-of-mind during the entire content creation process will save you valuable time and money.

1st Best Practice – Think About Translation During the Entire Content Creation Process

Keeping these questions in mind from the very start will help you better prepare content when taking your business global.
Translation and Localization of Traning and eLearning content Does your content have slang relative to the native language, or technical jargon?
• Do your videos have culturally specific hand gestures?
• Are you using universally relatable icons?
For additional best practices on translating training and eLearning content, download our eBook now!