Acclaro -- Best Practices for Creating an eLearning Localization Strategy

Educate, Engage and Inform Across Cultures: Best Practices for Creating an eLearning Localization Strategy

Category: International Business, Translation Services

Language barriers should never stand in the way of hiring and training the right employees, or of informing customers. So, how can your company deliver consistent, targeted and relevant instructional materials across language markets? It starts with an eLearning localization strategy.

Acclaro helps businesses look at the big picture of localization when adapting training and eLearning content to new markets — and it’s much more than just translation.

Wondering what’s involved? We developed an eLearning localization eBook that highlights best practices on:

  • Creating effective and consistent global training contentDownload the eBook: Best Practices for eLearning Localization
  • Working with imagery, graphics and videos
  • Handling space limitations
  • Catering to potential customers

Download our eLearning eBook to discover how you can save valuable time and money by taking a more strategic approach to localization.