Training content localization success story

Success Story - Training Content Localization

How to scale training content for the global economy.
When a 25-year industry veteran goes global, there’s no room to risk a longstanding reputation among Fortune 500 customers. This leadership training service provider came to Acclaro to expand its training content into 14 new languages.


Our client, a veteran in the leadership training industry, provides corporate training programs and coaching services for Fortune 500 organizations. After 25 years of success in the US, demand for these leadership development solutions expanded into 14 new international markets. It became mission-critical to build a unified standard of quality for training content across languages.

From Spanish and Japanese to Italian and Chinese, our client set out to make a strong impression to its new audiences around the world.


This organization’s training programs quickly became so popular that customers started using them in new target language markets. International growth brought new challenges, including:

  • No defined system for localizing content into new languages
  • Inconsistency in tone, language and formatting across markets
  • No reliable team to onboard new languages

This service provider came to Acclaro to harmonize existing translations, bring them up to a higher standard of quality, take charge of all localization going forward, and provide the best possible training experience for growing, international markets.


To start, Acclaro hand-picked a team of expert linguists and production specialists to serve as a one-stop-shop partner for all localization needs. Our approach included:

  • Building a dedicated team of skilled translators and subject matter experts
  • Creating language assets, such as a style guide and glossary, and unified term base for consistent branding in each market
  • Desktop publishing for aesthetically pleasing layouts
  • Thorough testing and quality assurance reviews
  • Centralized team and process to take on new markets as the company grew

Highlights & results

Our client now supports its Fortune 500 customers’ training content in 14 languages and counting. Bringing all translation processes under one roof has many benefits:

  • Time and cost savings through unified processes
  • Full control over brand message including tone, voice and style
  • Translations that are linguistically, aesthetically and technically sound
  • Increased resonance and training effectiveness with target audience
  • Localization investments that maintain value in every market

Happy end customers are reporting effectiveness across their training and coaching initiatives in over a dozen new language markets, and our client is building on its 25-year reputation as the industry leader.

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