Capitalizing on Global Ecommerce

Category: International Business

As ITProPortal reports, Cyber Monday is a huge day for ecommerce in the United States. Wikipedia also reports that Cyber Monday is gaining momentum in other countries. It generally occurs on or around Cyber Monday in the U.S., albeit not tied to the same slew of post-Thanksgiving sales. The International Business Times reports that in Canada, for example, that online shopping increased by more than one-third on the day after U.S. Thanksgiving.

But why are other countries adopting Cyber Monday? Well…that’s a tough one. You could also ask why Cyber Monday was adopted at all. Some (like the Guardian) think that Cyber Monday is simply an invented and perhaps overly-hyped event, and we might posit that it also serves to get people to sit in front of their computers and puzzle over where to find their credit card’s validation code (hint: check the back). Whatever the reason, it works, it’s growing in popularity, the numbers speak for themselves, and businesses see the value in promoting it. Call it a win-win-cha-ching.

If you’re looking to expand your ecommerce into global markets, we can help. It’s as easy as putting on your bunny slippers, sitting in front of your computer, and contacting us. No validation code required.

Photo attribution: hello-julie