2013 Web Globalization Report Card

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Once again, it’s time for Byte Level Research’s 2013 Web Globalization Report Card, highlighting the best global websites.

We’re huge fans of the Report Card, having covered it in 20102011, and 2012. This year’s ranking — the ninth edition — covers what makes the top picks really stand out. Criteria include:

  • The best global and mobile websites
  • Social media integration
  • The most popular languages
  • The best user interaction, and
  • Global website best practices (check out some tips here)

Byte Level Research uses four major criteria for analysis: the number of languages, ease of use for global users to find localized content, how well the site is architected and its response time, and local relevance. While the entire report gives you 155 pages of information on 150 companies, take a look at the top 25:

2013 globalization report card


The Stats

Clearly, Google is a top international contender, holding on to the top spot from last year. Hotels.com successfully landed in second place, and Samsung slid from #4 in 2012 to #8 this year. Newcomer Twitter got into the top ten, joining other first-timers Kayak, Starbucks, Intel, Merck, Adobe, KLM, and KPMG. Ousted this year were Symantec, TripAdvisor, Nikon, Avon, Coca-Cola, Panasonic, Caterpillar, and SAP.

The Takeaway

The key to having a great global website is site architecture, continuous improvement and a well-managed website globalization strategy. Having a robust mobile presence also helps (especially in developing economies). Of course, website translation is an important step along the way. Want to get your company’s global website in the spotlight in 2014? Take a look at the full Report Card and consider engaging a translation agency for your company’s website translation needs.