What is transcription?

What is transcription

Transcription is a vital step in the localization of multimedia content, such as videos.

Defined, transcription is the process of turning multimedia audio into editable text. Quite literally, someone watches a video and then turns that video’s audio into text by typing the spoken words into an editable document–often with the help of specialized software to aid the process.

A very important tool utilized with transcriptions, which is requested by many clients, is the inclusion of timestamps within the text document. Timestamps support multimedia localization projects such as closed captioning, subtitles and voiceover. Here’s how.

An essential step to expert localization

Without transcription, localization either cannot occur or it will occur incorrectly and inefficiently.

Why? Because translating a video into another language requires not only expert localization efforts, it requires the translation expert to know where the correct transitions are in the video, where the “beats” are and where the character count difference among languages will require extra content.

Without text to translate, your translator will be forced to “wing” it and translate in real-time. (Not good.)

If you’ve ever watched a French film in America, then you’re familiar with a type of video localization: subtitles. Now imagine that the French language often requires 15 to 30 percent more written characters on screen compared to English. You can see how complications arise.

Expert video localization that correctly syncs your video with proper translations requires a flawless transcription. Otherwise, the localization will not communicate what your company desires. Or your company will be portrayed as unprofessional.

Maximize your multimedia assets

If you’re considering multimedia localization, then you must have video assets that your company is proud of (and/or has spent considerable resources creating). Recreating them for every new international audience may be cost-prohibitive, as it is with many corporations. Therefore, your videos require expert care to communicate their story.

To do so, you need professional transcription services first, then expert localization services to create a successful launch or update.

When you’re expanding into a new country, or trying to reach a new audience, expert localization is vital to your success. Keep the needs of your audience in mind at every step. And when it comes to localization of video assets, the very first step is transcription services.

Let Acclaro help your company turn your multimedia assets into a launchpad for attracting new audiences and expanding your business.

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