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As businesses expand throughout the world to reach more customers, marketing pieces, training manuals and other designed assets can get lost in translation, especially when the source document is an Adobe InDesign file. To engage more meaningfully with customers and communicate more effectively with employees, it’s critical for companies to utilize Adobe InDesign translation services. Many Fortune 500 companies have discovered there’s no better partner for that than Acclaro.

The skilled team at Acclaro has the experience, knowledge and tools to adhere to your brand standards and keep your formatting consistent so your InDesign files engage with and appeal to local audiences. Simply put, your brand should be presented to your target audience exactly as you intended, and with Acclaro InDesign translation services, you can be confident that it will.

The right people. The right strategy.

With InDesign translation services from Acclaro, you get a dedicated document translation team with decades of localization expertise, including years of experience with desktop publishing (DTP) software applications like Adobe InDesign. Acclaro’s teams include in-country translators and editors, as well as a production team of DTP experts. And each team is led by a project manager, so you get a single point of contact who understands you and your business goals. From the outset, our team helps craft a localization strategy that encompasses InDesign translation to meet your goals.

From brochures in Barcelona to manuals in Meizhou

Acclaro will ensure any content developed in InDesign, from marketing collateral, corporate communications, technical documents and brochures to catalogs, manuals, instruction guides and magazines, adheres to your brand’s standards and is as effective in one market as it is in another. No matter what your business needs, Acclaro will help make sure your brand shines and your message resonates.

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Examples of InDesign files we translate:

  • Brochures
  • Manuals
  • Instruction guides
  • Product catalogs
  • Marketing collateral
  • Magazines
  • Sales flyers

Technical expertise meets simplified processes

Our team will make sure your final localized InDesign document is visually similar to the original without compromising its efficacy with your target audience. Our linguists begin the process by translating your material, after which our graphics and production teams layout your InDesign file (.indd) to accommodate text expansion and bidirectional languages (such as Arabic and Hebrew). Because some languages utilize more characters and localization isn’t as simple as changing fonts, the layout or aesthetics of your InDesign files can be affected when translated.

As part of the DTP process, we’ll resize type and reformat or replace text styles. During this stage, the DTP team will also correct word and line breaks and format translated tables of contents and other graphic images that require separate manipulation. Once the file meets our demanding standards, we share it for final approval and make any necessary edits. Upon approval, the new, localized InDesign file is delivered.

Tools that lighten your workload

The quality of Acclaro’s InDesign translation services are unrivaled, and the process itself is equally impressive. We not only work within InDesign files and have the experience to ensure accurate translations, but we have the tools to help make each step of our document translation service more efficient, too. Our My Acclaro translation management portal makes uploading and retrieving the large files common to InDesign easy. We also optimize the process with translation memory, which is essentially a database that stores segments of translated text from one project for use on future projects. In other words, we can make localizing an InDesign file extremely efficient, so you get your files back quicker and, ultimately, save money.

InDesign translation services you can trust

The global marketplace is as competitive as ever, so any advantage a company gains can lead to increased market share and increased revenue. That’s why it’s essential that global companies work with a trusted partner like Acclaro for their InDesign translation work. With professional and accurate translations from Acclaro, the content you create with InDesign will reflect your brand and vision. And, ultimately, it will resonate better with your customers no matter where they call home.

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